Brandon Williams Q&A: Life in Norwich

Saturday 11 December 2021 06:00

Brandon Williams is enjoying life on loan at Norwich City, and as Manchester United travel to Carrow Road, the 21-year-old full-back told us how he's been getting on in East Anglia.

Speaking to club media, Brandon outlined the parts of his game he’s improving on, how he’s enjoyed living away from home and how he’s come back to Manchester to catch up with team-mates.

Check out every word from our chat with the Manchester-born defender…

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Brandon, first of all, how’s life on loan?
"Yeah, I’m really enjoying it, it’s really good, it’s going good. I'm just really excited for what the season holds and hopefully we can reach our targets."

I suppose the thing about going on loan is playing first-team football – how much do you think playing consistent first-team football has helped develop you as a player?
"It’s grown my confidence and by each game I feel stronger, I feel better, I feel fitter. That’s most important for me: that I can prove myself that I can go a full season playing, with hopefully no injuries, and not getting too tired where I have to sit out. But I’m really enjoying it."

Are there any particular areas of your game that you’re focusing on in your time there?
"Not really focusing on, but I’m improving a lot in different areas, in my defensive part and also in my attacking part which is important for a modern-day full-back. But obviously in the defensive part I’m learning on my positioning, my body positioning, and it’s going really good."

Have you had to adapt your game in fixtures where you’ve had less possession than the opposition, which I guess happens now and then?
"Yeah. I think in most of the games, though, we’ve had a lot of possession. We went to Spurs last weekend and I felt we controlled the game. I haven’t really been in a game where we’ve been absolutely been put under the cosh. I just really enjoy being here and it’s going really well."

And moving to a new area, a long way from home, has that helped you develop as a person as well as a footballer?
"Yeah, definitely. Living far away, being far away from my family, not having to rely on anybody other than myself. I’ve got used to it now, I’ve settled in and I’m happy where I am."

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What about Norwich, the ethos of the club, have you enjoyed that?
"Yeah, yeah, definitely. I’ve learnt a lot about the club and also the city, I like to go out there sometimes and get some food or whatever but I’m here to play football and that’s what I’m focused on."

And it’s a one-team city, everyone supports Norwich, everyone, I guess, knows you?
"Yeah, sometimes it’s a bit crazy but sometimes it’s okay."

What about the lads here at Carrington, have you been keeping in touch?
"Yeah definitely, I speak to them. In the international break I’ve come back when we’ve had a few days off, and we’ve gone out and got some food and whatever and I still speak to them a lot."

And the club, have they supported you through the loan spell, are you in touch with coaches?
"Some of the coaches have messaged me and gave me a call and had a catch-up with me to make sure I’m okay and ask how’s it going, and I’m really thankful for that."

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Sadly, you can’t play this weekend but you’ll be watching on. Will that be strange for you?
"No, not really. I’m here, I’m signed with Norwich and I’ve got a job to do and that’s to stay in the Premier League and help this team do that, so these three points are massive for us. So obviously I want them to come my way."

The results have obviously picked up under the new boss Dean Smith – is there hope you can stay up?
"Yeah, definitely. If we go on another run like we did I’m sure we’ll be comfortably out of it. If we get two wins and two draws then I think we’ll be on 18 points and whatever the teams around us do, at the minute we’re not really focused on the table, we don’t really look at it. It depends where you are in May and right now, we’re just focused on ourselves to improve as a team."

Are you still keeping an eye on United, still watching the odd game?
"Yeah, of course."