Manchester United fans celebrate winning the 1999 UEFA Champions League final

'Best night ever!' United fans' memories of 1999

Sunday 26 May 2019 22:30

Manchester United fans who are old enough to remember the 1999 Champions League final, 20 years ago tonight, will never forget where they were when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored the winning goal against Bayern Munich.

We asked our Facebook followers to share memories of that defining moment in the club's history, revealing where and how they witnessed it.

Thanks to everyone who replied to our post; here's a selection of responses:

Jacinta Sanchez: In a bar in Barcelona with my mum, going mental after the first goal. Our travel company went bust, so whilst we got to Barcelona and home again, we were never given our tickets for the game. The atmosphere following the game, running through the streets of the city, was still amazing!

Joel Merrick: Lake District on a 6th form trip. Watched it in a hotel with another 40 odd Mancs from school. Great memories.

Ann-Marie Mulcahy: At Camp Nou with my dad, trying to explain to the lad in front of me that it was real and not a replay of Sheringham’s goal! I think he had been drinking a bit and couldn’t quite believe it. Fab night.

Pete McEwan: In my living room with my mum, dad and brother. I remember running outside for Sheringham's goal, coming in, pacing round the room and then going mental when Ole scored. My dad's not here now but having that memory of the whole night always brings a smile to my face and sometimes a tear so thank you to United, especially Ole and Teddy.

Erica Reyes: Twelve rows from the back of the Nou Camp, overlooking the goal where they both scored. Memories that will last my lifetime were made that day.

Austy McKenna: Still outside, running around the estate celebrating Teddy’s goal.

Edward Tong Min Chu: In Malaysia, in front of the TV. The best day of my life as a child when I was 12.

Michelle Dorothy Woodroofe: In hospital, giving birth to my daughter.

Michael Jones: Celebrating my head off, literally 500 metres away from the house Ole grew up in. Surreal and magical.
Anthony Tuite: Watching it with my father. It was the last game we ever got to see together before he passed away. 99 was a great year and sad year for me.

Gary Higham: Top tier of the Camp Nou. After Teddy’s equaliser my heart was beating like a drum, then Ole popped up with the winner to cap off the best 10 days of football any fan could have wished for. The real Treble will never be equalled.

Richard Friday: I was there in the second tier between the corner flag and goal. I had a prime spot where all the drama unfolded.

Naveen Pather: Celebrating at a pub in Johannesburg, spilling beer all over myself when the goal went in.

Simon Tumilowicz: At home watching it in Manchester with my mates. We all just erupted and started bouncing about like loons. Took me ages to get all that beer off the ceiling. Memorable happy times.

Mary Gargan: I was working in Jersey for the summer. First time away from home. Watched in a sports bar with two friends who had absolutely zero interest in football and didn't get the enormity of it. I was bawling my eyes out, tears of both joy and sadness because I wasn’t sharing that special moment with my dad.
Jayne McSherry: In a pub in Peel Green with my husband, dad, uncle and cousin. We were still celebrating Sheringham’s goal. 

Moheeb Ali Ar-Radaideh: At home. I jumped up and broke the light with my hand. That was the best feeling ever.

Dave Clark: Second row, third tier, to the left of the goal where it all happened. Still get goosebumps when I see the goals and can still remember the noise when the second went in. I remember being kissed by the girl in front of me! Truly amazing night.

Elaine McCrea: I turned 40 in May 1999 & had a very large bottle of bubbly which I kept for the final hoping I could open it with joy & I certainly did, one of the best nights ever.

Lee Kyuss Martin: At my best mate's house. I was mildly unconscious after accidentally running into his glass patio door whilst celebrating!

John Grundy: Grabbing another can out of the fridge for extra time! Then I heard the immortal words "and Solskjaer has won it!" I have never been happier to spill a can all over the floor.
Craig Evanson: In a bar in Mallorca! I returned to my hotel to find a lot of very miserable Germans wandering around! Love it.

Andrew Maddock: I was there. I paid £200 for a ticket outside the ground only to be sat in the Bayern end but I walked around the top to the United end to witness the best night ever.

Giovanni L. Moscioni:
In a pub with thousands of people getting crazy! I lost my voice for three days and was unable to go to work the next day!

Mick Reilly: In a packed out Volunteer Arms public house in Southsea. It was an amazing night and the atmosphere was brilliant when Ole scored. The place was in uproar, unusual because most of the people in the pub were Portsmouth supporters.

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