Father's Day at United Direct

Friday 11 June 2021 15:41

Here’s to the ones that raised us, the ones that were there when it counted.

The ones that started us on the journey to United Road, and the ones that gave us the passion for the beautiful game. Being a dad is one of those things that can be hard to define, but you know who matters when it comes to saying thanks this Father’s Day. 

Whoever you want to thank for their role in your life, if they’re a Red, we’ve got your back. Let’s get down to what really matters; what kind of Red they are, with the help of some United players and legends who are lucky enough to have someone call them ‘dad’.

Let’s start with a classic; our Remington range. Whether they have a full beard, close shave, ‘designer stubble’ or a resplendent mane that makes them the envy of the town, keep them looking fresh with the right styling tools from United Direct, all with a subtle nod to Manchester United.

Maybe they’re all about style. You can spot them at 50 paces by their subtle but perfectly coordinated outfit, not to mention a sleek accessory or two. Treat them to a pair of sunnies so they can bask in the sun while still rocking the look with the range from Maui Jim. Check out the entire collection at United Direct.

How about if you’re buying for a massive Red? A proud supporter of you, with United coming a (very) close second? No probs. We can up their matchday wear, street wear, holiday wear or just general wardrobe with our No1 Red curated collection at United Direct. While we may all have to holiday in the UK this summer whether we like it or not, how about a jersey to rock through the warmer months, like the absolutely epic third kit that saw some great action this season?

How about going big time and treating them to a TAG Heuer watch? Let’s face it, they have earned it through blood, sweat and (many) tears over the years!

Still not found what you’re looking for? Tough crowd. But hey, we’ve not even scratched the surface yet, there is still plenty to peruse till you find that gift that says ‘sorry for my grumpy teenage years/thank you for supporting me through *those* life choices/I love you’ at United Direct.

We know not everyone has a traditional relationship with their dad, and some have lost their dads, so if you find Father’s Day tough for any reason, make sure you’re gentle with yourself.