Mother's Day at United Direct

Who do you shop for on Mother’s Day?

Whether you’re buying a card for the mum that gave birth to you, to the person that raised you, or the person that’s been there through all of your questionable life choices (sorry, mum!) - or maybe even your dad - if they’re a Red, we’ve got your back.

You’re probably too old to gift a coloured in pebble or a drawing of a cat and it be considered ‘cute’ these days, so it’s time to bring out the big guns and get something that says ‘I love you’, entrust it to the postman and sit back waiting for the guaranteed brownie points.

Name a more iconic kit than the 1990-1992 famous snowflake jersey. That incredible shirt, made famous by the 'Class of ‘92' has been reimagined by the actual Pharrell Williams and modelled perfectly by Amy Turner.  The fresh twist on an absolute classic doesn’t get much cooler for a United fan, and could be the perfect gift with a range of sizes and fits available. Don’t forget to check out the entire Human Race range while you’re at it.  Get it now, thank us later.

While we’re on the subject of jerseys, the third kit will go down in the history books as a memorable shirt. Did you see 6’5” Gary Trent Jr of the Portland Trail Blazers rocking the full head-to-toe print?

Although that might be a bit much for mum/dad/step mum/carer/other mother figure? No problem, the shirt still makes a bold statement for the Red you love. Will you opt for their favourite player’s name and number on the back, like Cavani or Rashford? How about something more personal, with their own name and lucky number just for them? Get it now at United Direct.

Whether they’ve been subjected to a lockdown home haircut at the hands of an enthusiastic child or partner, they’ve taken the scissors into their own hands for a trim, or they’ve let it grow over the last year, upgrading their hairdryer to a United beauty by Remington will make them think of you each time they blast off their barnet.

Got them a hairdryer for Christmas? No problem, take a look at the rest of the Remington range including straighteners, clippers and a curling wand to have them looking their best in no time at all.

If you’re buying for someone who's anything like my mum, you’ll have had multiple messages, calls and not-so-subtle hints about days out together when restrictions lift in the coming months.

If they have their sights set further afield, how about this Paul Smith washbag to hold all the essentials and make travelling even more fun? While the international cuisine aisle in the supermarket currently feels like the most exotic place you’ve been all year, that won’t be the case forever, so get them ready for the future without investing your cash in a flying car or teleporter.

Take a look at the entire Mother’s Day range at United Direct now


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