Five signs you might be a United kit geek

Tuesday 10 November 2020 10:05

Here at the Manchester United Museum we love a kit. We know their history, we’ve all got a good story about our favourite, and we believe there’s a special aura around our shirts.

But what about you? Reckon you’re on our kit geek level? We’ve got five signs you just might be:

1. You took matters into your own hands and customised a kit

Way back when, you had to pay per letter to get a player’s name on the back of your shirt. If David May sadly wasn’t your number one choice, perhaps you went all arts and crafts to get the right United star emblazoned on the back of your prized possession. In the past, if your pocket money had dried up, you could always cut out and iron on the lettering yourself. 

Hopefully the legendary Zinedine Zidane was splashing the cash to get his compatriot Eric Cantona’s name on the back of his grey away, when he visited the club shop in 1996.
2. You’ve got a stash

Whether it’s a suitcase under the bed, a box in the attic or a carefully curated display (just us?) your collection of shirts is something to behold. Each one comes with a memory, a favourite goal and a lot of reasons why you can’t part with it.
Some United collectors don’t know how they’ve ended up with this many shirts or what to do with them.
3. Having lots of opinions

You know why your favourite is the best shirt United have ever had and you’re prepared to argue the point with anyone who will listen. You know where to go to chat shirts and woe betide anyone who disagrees that our 1984/85 blue kit is a stone-cold classic.
Are you a fan of this blue number from the mid-'80s?
4. Having the knowledge

You can date a picture just by looking at the kit and you’d probably be able to tell us what the away strip looked like that season. You associate players with certain shirts and can even match socks and shorts to vintage kits - but you probably won’t wear them all together…
Can you remember when we wore this one?

5. You can’t wait for the new kit to launch

When it comes to kit announcements, you’re a regular Sherlock Holmes, sleuthing online for any mention of how your new favourite might look. When the kit finally drops, it’s like Christmas. In fact, you’re probably wearing a United shirt as you read this.