Five big moments from the new Sir Alex trailer

Wednesday 05 May 2021 19:00

A new trailer for ‘Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In’ was released to the world on Wednesday morning and it’s fair to say Manchester United fans are excited for its release later this month.

Here, we examine five standout moments from the must-watch teaser…

1: THAT 999 PHONE CALL (00:01)
The trailer makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand right away, opening with the voice of director Jason Ferguson asking his dad what he remembers about Saturday 5 May 2018, the day our beloved former manager suffered a brain haemorrhage. We transition to an emotional audio recording of the emergency services phone call, requesting help for one “Alexander Ferguson” as the camera pans onto his famous statue at Old Trafford. Right away, it's utterly gripping.  
The 'Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In' trailer Video

The 'Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In' trailer

Watch the official trailer for the Sir Alex film 'Never Give In', which was released in UK cinemas on 27 May...

“I was crying, you know, because I don’t remember a thing,” admits Sir Alex, in a rare moment of raw emotion from the football giant, before it is explained how ‘the boss’ was fearful of losing his memory at the time of his health scare. “And then he just started telling me these stories,” recalls Jason, teeing up a perfect transition to Glasgow and Govan...  
3: MAKING OF A MAN (00:31)
As the trailer gathers pace, we see glimpses of Sir Alex’s upbringing in Scotland while he explains how an apprenticeship as a toolmaker helped him to understand people. There is an amazing photo from his wedding to Lady Cathy, plus a glimpse of his dad on the docks, with a voiceover explaining how their fallout remains a big regret of his life. It is stirring stuff and peels back the layers on a fascinating life. 
The exciting new trailer shows this incredible image from the Ferguson wedding.
Sir Alex’s partner does not like the limelight, yet she is a welcome addition to the trailer and her role in the early years at United is rightly championed. “Cathy, she sacrificed to support me one hundred per cent,” says Sir Alex, flashing that knowing smile as he jokes. “A lot of patience - 53 years married to me!”
The role that Lady Cathy plays in Sir Alex's success is celebrated in the trailer.
After cutting between a cast of former players, including Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs and Gordon Strachan, the trailer moves to drone footage of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, with the camera soaring upwards and closer to that iconic sign at Old Trafford. Right on cue, a revved up Sir Alex delivers a line that fans have been sharing on social media all day: “This is the place where they've created gods.” It's a killer line to close a trailer that has United fans around the world buzzing for more. 
If you haven't seen it already, make sure you watch the new trailer for 'Never Give In'.
'Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In' will be released in UK cinemas on 27 May. It will then be available to rent and own internationally from 31 May. Visit for more.

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