Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Things we learned from Ole’s UTD Podcast

Sunday 29 December 2019 14:00

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke candidly about his first year as Manchester United manager when he appeared as a very special guest on our official UTD Podcast.

The boss covered a range of topics during the feature-length episode, which is available via Deezer - our official music provider - and other podcast apps.

Here we’ve rounded up some of Ole’s most interesting thoughts and observations…
UTD Podcast: Ole sees himself in two Reds Video

UTD Podcast: Ole sees himself in two Reds

Speaking on his episode of UTD Podcast - which is out now - the boss compares himself to two current Reds...


"Scoring goals is just natural for him and the one he scored against Leighton Baines [for our equaliser in the recent Everton game], I did that against Baines in 2006! I scored a few like that, and now Mason does it as well. If the defender closes his legs, he’ll bend it in the top corner instead. At the last minute he changes his mind from ‘I’ll curl it’, to cutting back through his legs."


"I don’t think he knows! He takes penalties with his right and free-kicks with his left. With Mason, he can cut it back to his right foot, or he can curl it round you into the far corner. He’ll make a decision there and then, in a split second, whether he’ll bend it or put it through your legs."


"It’s natural to me to manage this way, but it’s because I’ve learnt all my management skills from the gaffer [Sir Alex Ferguson]. But I love giving young players a chance. I also love being direct and going forward when possible. We know we need to be better at controlling and dominating games, but that will come with experience. We have the youngest team in the Premier League, which in one one way is fantastic. In another way, we know we’re going to get these inconsistencies."


"I think the Man United style is to be attacking. We need to try and win games in the way that Sir Alex’s teams did and the Busy Babes did. We want to win that way. It’s not always going to happen, but that’s what we need to aim for and strive for: winning in the right style. We have a responsibility and a duty for everyone who wants to come and watch us. But, we’re scoring goals now and we’re on our way."

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