What superheroes mean to Fred and his son

Friday 28 April 2023 11:00

Manchester United midfielder Fred loves superheroes.

As a proud and loving father, his young son naturally shares this passion and they regularly watch DC and Marvel films together. It's a unique bonding experience that so many other families around the world will also enjoy.

During our UTD Podcast with Fred, the midfielder happily discusses his love for superheroes and how he regularly dresses up to please his boy. On National Superhero Day - 28 April each day - we thought you might enjoy this clip...

Fred: I love to watch superhero movies! Video

Fred: I love to watch superhero movies!

In his UTD Podcast, Fred chats about his favourite superheroes and how he shares this passion with his son...

During our podcast, Fred discusses how proud he feels to see his son cheering him on from the family box at Old Trafford. 

"He's at every game and when I score he tried to jump every time. I try to look to him in my box. He always looks, he always smiles, so it's amazing."

Follower's of Fred's Instagram account will know that family is everything to him, and they love to dress up as their favourite characters. 

"I love this movie, the Black Panther, so I love to watch the movies," he began, admitting his hair is inspired by the character Killmonger.

"With Marvel, I'm like a kid, so I must give this to my son.

"My favourite? Black Panther. I like every superhero of Marvel, like Captain America is nice. Iron Man is good."

Fred's connection with superhero films has rubbed off on his son, who imitates his favourites at our no.17s family home.

"So I watch every movie for Marvel and DC and my son loves The Flash," Fred continued.

"So when I'm home he goes to run, 'I'm Flash, I'm Flash, I'm quick' around all the house. We love to watch superhero movies."  

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