Fred taking a selfie at the Aon Training Complex.

Fred's tweet has gone down well with United fans

Thursday 12 July 2018 14:42

Now that Brazil are out of the World Cup, summer signing Fred has turned his full attention to Manchester United and pleasing the fans who have welcomed him to Old Trafford.

The central midfielder signed from Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk in June, before spending his next three weeks at Russia 2018 with the national team up to their quarter-final loss to Belgium.

Fred was not among the United players who returned to the Aon Training Complex on Wednesday, because he is currently enjoying a holiday, but his mind is clearly on his future role as a Red.

Using his official Twitter account, the 25-year-old recruit posted a message to supporters that prompted a positive response from his followers…


We’re all eager to see Fred in action for United and his Twitter mentions on Wednesday reflect the goodwill from fans towards him…

'Fred is eager to learn and succeed'


Our summer signing has everything needed to become a top player at United, according to a World Cup winner.


Fred is the seventh Brazilian player at United following previous Samba stars Kleberson, Anderson, Rafael, Fabio, Rodrigo Possebon and Andreas Pereira. While it can be challenge for South Americans to adapt in England, his agent Gilberto Silva has explained why he has no worries about Fred.

“When Kleberson went to United, he was too shy and introverted to play for such a big club, and he struggled with injuries,” Silva said. “And with Anderson, it was quite sad for me that he couldn’t adapt at United and stay longer at the club. If you find it difficult to adapt, you have to work at it, because there are always challenges wherever you go. But with the experience that Fred already has of playing abroad, five years in Ukraine and playing in the Champions League, he has an advantage. 

“When we went to Manchester to complete the move, he asked the club to have a teacher, not a translator. This is a good sign, not to have a translator on a daily basis, which is the easy option. He’s eager to learn the language, the culture, the way the club is – everything. I don’t see any problem with him adapting to playing in England and being a success at United.”
Watch Fred's first interview Video

Watch Fred's first interview

"I'm so happy to be here and have the opportunity to play for this club," said Fred in his first interview as a Red...