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Robbo's Sixes v Maguire's Masters: Whose team wins?

Wednesday 13 May 2020 10:19

For this week’s Dream United Team debate, we canvassed the opinion of Harry Maguire and Bryan Robson on the subject of captains – an area they both have first-hand experience of, let’s face it.

As part of their UTD Podcast episode this week, the United skippers past and present were given a shortlist of players who have also worn the armband at some point or other, and asked to each select a dream six-a-side team.

Here's how it went down...


Robbo was given first pick of the keepers, with Peter Schmeichel, Edwin van der Sar and David De Gea up for grabs…
“I’m going to go Peter Schmeichel. His presence, in a six-a-side, he just fills the goals. Schmikes would think he’s a sweeper at the back, so he’d pass the ball. He thought he was a bit of a player as well. He’d just throw himself at anything, on whatever surface we’d be playing on. Because of his sheer presence and quality, Peter Schmeichel.”

Harry’s pick for keeper was therefore between Edwin or David.
“I’m going to go with David De Gea. Having played under him I’ve realised how good of a keeper he is. I’ve watched him over the years in the Premier League and for me he’s been the best Premier League keeper in the last 10 years or so. To play under him this year, it’s been great to see how he goes about his business in training each day, he’s an excellent trainer. If you have five-a-sides in training, he’s difficult to score past.”

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A long list of defenders was presented, again featuring those who have captained the Reds in a competitive match. The list was made up of Maguire, Martin Buchan, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Gary Neville, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Jonny Evans, Chris Smalling, Jaap Stam, Wes Brown, John O’Shea, Phil Neville, Gabriel Heinze and Axel Tuanzebe. Again, Robbo had first choice…
“I did have two defenders in mind, in case Harry chose one, but for me Jaap Stam was a beast of a man. He could do everything. Really strong, quick, strong in the air. He could read the game and he also had great ability where he could pass out and everything. We played in a charity game last season for Sir Alex and the Foundation and I was watching Jaap Stam and thinking he could still play now if he really wanted to. He was that good. When I was watching him in my ambassadorial role, when he was playing for United, I just thought he was a terrific centre-half.”

Harry’s choice…
“I must say Jaap Stam was going to be in my team. Like Robbo said, he could still play now. I’ve watched him in some of the charity games and he’s still powering past people all the time now. He must keep himself in great shape. I’m going to go with Rio Ferdinand, someone I’ve modelled my game on throughout my career. When I was a young boy he was the England centre-half, he was one of the best centre-halves in the Premier League. He’s been a great player for Manchester United, won numerous things and I just think the way he started bringing the ball out of defence and building up attacks, he brought that into the English game and he was definitely a big influence on the way defenders now do bring the ball out.”


Moving on to midfield, and these were the options: Robson, Ray Wilkins, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Michael Carrick, Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic, Juan Mata, Marouane Fellaini, Nicky Butt, David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Darren Fletcher. Robbo’s up first again…
“Because he could do a little bit of everything, a bit like Stam, I’m going for Roy Keane. Because if Stam goes forward and marauds to get himself a goal, I know that Roy has the intelligence to fill in and play at the back. Tackle, quick, strong, great touch on the ball, great vision and can score a goal. So I’m going for Keaney to be a defender-midfielder.”

Next up, Harry…
“Keane was in my team as well! So I’m going to go with Robbo. I’m going to put him in there. Obviously he’s a box to box midfielder, I feel like he can run all day, especially in six-a-side. He’d score us goals, defend as well and I’m sure he’d be a big leader in the middle of the pitch. I’d like to see the battle between Robbo and Roy Keane.”

Roy Keane was Robson's first choice in midfield.


Now on to forwards, and Harry gets the first choice for the last three selections. In attack the options are: Wayne Rooney, Eric Cantona, Denis Law, Sir Bobby Charlton, Robin van Persie, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Andy Cole, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford. Harry said..
“I’m going to go with Wayne Rooney. Ever since I’ve been growing up watching football he’s been one of the main guys in the Premier League. All-time Manchester United goalscorer, just a remarkable player who did everything. He could work from the front, drop into midfield, score goals. The only thing I’m disappointed about is I didn’t get to play against him against Derby, because I was ill. He was a remarkable player and someone I thoroughly enjoyed watching for United and England.”

Robbo’s first forward is…
Cristiano Ronaldo. I just think he’s an exceptional player. Unbelievable talent and that’s why he’s been challenging for the best player in the world for the last 10 years with Lionel Messi. He just does everything. You know the most important thing, though: he scores goals out of nothing, so my choice would be Ronaldo.”

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For their last two choices, the guys had a free pick from any position. For selection no.5, Harry went for…
“I’m going to go with probably the best six-a-side player I’ve played with: Marcus Rashford. I’m going to put him in. I’ve always spoke so highly of Marcus when I was with him at England. I can’t speak highly enough of him. I think he’s going to go on to have an exceptional career. I think he’s going to go on to – I don’t want to put too much pressure on him – be a wonderful player for Manchester United, as he is now. But he’s the best six-a-side player I’ve played with. Marcus is in my team and I know he’d be banging in goals left, right and centre.”

Robbo’s fifth pick…
“I’m going to go for Ryan Giggs. I just think he’s so quick, can dribble past players. Great work-rate, can play one-twos, score a goal. For me, Giggsy would be the fittest player in this squad and near enough one of the quickest. I’m going to Giggsy for all-round ability.”

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Completing Harry’s team…
“Well, I listened to Scholesy and Rashy [on the UTD Podcast], and I saw they were on about how Rashford would have loved to have played with Paul, so I’m going to stick Paul Scholes in my midfield. I think when the times are getting tough in there and you want someone to keep the ball, there’s no one better than a little pass and move from Scholesy. He wouldn’t give the ball away. I’m sure him and Robbo would partner each other well and it would give Rashy the opportunity to feed off his passing. I’m sure there would be bags of goals with Scholesy in there.”

And Robbo’s last selection…
“Well that’s the first time that Harry’s done me in! Scholesy was going to be my last piece of the jigsaw. But because of that, and because it’s a six-a-side not 11-a-side, I’m going for the quality of Paul Pogba. I think he would just fit in perfect as Scholesy would have done with the other boys I’ve selected. He’s going to be my last choice. His great ability at keeping the ball, passing and vision, [he] can score a goal and [he has] great presence. Paul Pogba is going to be my last piece in the jigsaw.”


Robbo’s Sixes

1. Peter Schmeichel
2. Jaap Stam
3. Roy Keane
4. Paul Pogba
5. Cristiano Ronaldo
6. Ryan Giggs

Maguire’s Masters

1. David De Gea
2. Rio Ferdinand
3. Bryan Robson
4. Paul Scholes
5. Wayne Rooney
6. Marcus Rashford

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