Maguire: The importance of Munich

Sunday 06 February 2022 07:02

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has been speaking about the importance of remembering the Munich Air Disaster, 64 years on.

Today marks the anniversary of the crash in which 23 people lost their lives on 6 February 1958.

A memorial service, organised by fans' group Munich58, is taking place under the Munich plaque at Old Trafford from 14:40 GMT this Sunday afternoon, to remember all those who perished, including eight United players and three officials.

Speaking as club captain, Maguire said: “It’s a really important day every year when it’s the anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, which was a huge tragedy.

“But it’s a tragedy from which the club has built a lot of its tradition and foundations, and it shows its togetherness with the fans when the anniversary comes around.

“The club, in general, has shown a huge togetherness over the years, in rising again and showing spirit.”

Maguire: It's so important to remember Munich Video

Maguire: It's so important to remember Munich

As club captain, Harry fully understands the importance of Munich and remembering those that we lost...

Maguire emphasised the need for every current player who pulls on the red shirt to learn and understand the legacy of the crash, saying: “It’s so important to find out about the history of the club, because that’s a lot of what the tradition is built on.

"It’s definitely important that anyone who signs for the club finds out about our history. That’s a big part of it [signing for United].

“When you join the club you learn about what happened [at Munich], and the story behind it all. Because obviously it’s such a big, important day in the history of this club.

“This club has so much history, but that in particular is such an important day. For us as a club to build together and to build in that spirit.”


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Following the disaster, the club was faced with the task of rebuilding a squad, showing a courage and spirit that Maguire says remains part of the ethos of the club to this day.

“I think it’s a huge tradition of the club: what Sir Matt Busby did and the way that he built the club up through togetherness and spirit, especially after Munich,” he said.

“I think it’s something that needs to be instilled into you when you come to this club.”