Harry Maguire at Chelsea.

Full transcript: Fans' Q&A with Maguire

Wednesday 06 May 2020 18:59

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire took part in our latest fans' Q&A to discuss a variety of topics from home.

Helen Evans asked the questions sent in by supporters across the world, and our captain provided his take on everything from avocado on toast to playing Uno.

Check out our full transcript of the conversation...

What do you feel you can give to the team as captain? (Iwansyah Iskandar, Indonesia)
"Thank you for the question. First and foremost, all I can do is give my best, I have got to look after myself on the pitch and make sure my performances are up to scratch. Then I have got to lead with pride and I've made sure that my time at United, when I look back, I can see the trophies that we have won. That is the main thing. I have joined this club because I want to win trophies and I want to get silverware. When I look back on my time at Manchester United, I want to make sure I have some trophies in that cabinet."

11 fan questions with Harry Maguire Video

11 fan questions with Harry Maguire

Would you rather score a late winner against Liverpool or 35-yard screamer in the derby? Harry answers your questions...

Would you rather score a 90th minute header in the cup final against Liverpool, or a 35-yard screamer in the Manchester derby? (Carlos Kase, Estonia)
"Ooh, I like both of those, to be fair! I would probably go with a cup final against Liverpool, obviously because it is in the cup final and as long as we went on to win the game as well. It would be a nice trophy to win and especially against our big rivals."

What do you eat for breakfast every day? (Marvyn Lau, Hong Kong)
"My general breakfast, when I am in my routine of football, is scrambled eggs, avocado and toast, so I am pretty standard. And I have a cup of tea, so I would say that is my standard breakfast when I'm in my routine."

Which former United defender or defenders would you have alongside you in the back line? (Alyssa Knowles, UK)
"I think that is a tough question because there are so many excellent defenders that have been at this club, loads that I have looked up to and built my game around. I would go with Rio Ferdinand. I have always spoken highly about Rio and the way that I looked up to him when I was younger. I tried to model my game around him and I learned so much from watching him, so I will go with Rio."

As the team captain, how are you prepared for when the season resumes so that the team wins the Europa League and FA Cup? (John Kimani, Kenya)
"Well, I think all that you can do is look after your own fitness. Obviously, we speak in group chats and I'm sure all of the players are doing that. I think you have got to get a base fitness so that when we start back training, we are at a level of fitness where we can go straight into high-intensity training with footballs. To get match fit, you need to be training with the lads and playing competitive games. We need to look after our own base fitness, do our gym work, keep our muscles strong, and I feel like we'll be fine. As a group of lads, we are all so dedicated and hopefully we can start the season again like we ended it."

Do you remember scoring a goal against my dad? You were playing for Sheffield United and he was playing for Ilkeston. He was marking you from a corner but you scored with a header! (Oliver Cooke, UK)
"Yeah, I can remember that game. It was a pre-season game for Sheffield United and my brother was playing in the game, so it was a big occasion for the family. My older brother Joey was playing for Ilkeston and I was playing for Sheffield United. It was strange because he started on the bench and I scored to make it 1-0, and he actually came off the bench and equalised. We drew the game 1-1. We actually both scored and it finished 1-1, which was strange really because I was a centre-half and he was playing in centre-midfield. It was a game that I won't forget, playing against my brother and the circumstances in which it ended."

How does it feel to be the Manchester United captain? (Lethabo Ntsele, South Africa)
"I am immensely proud to follow so many legends who have been the captain over the years. It is just a great privilege for myself and, like I say, I am not going to be happy by just being captain. I want to now go on and win trophies."

Maguire: This time with my daughter is priceless Video

Maguire: This time with my daughter is priceless

Harry is a fearless defender, our proud club captain and, now more than ever, a doting father...

How did you feel when you were named captain of Manchester United for the first time? (Shamuhammet Muratov, Belarus)
"It just made me feel really, really proud and it gave me great confidence to go and play. The gaffer, Ole, has just shown so much trust in me, to give me that opportunity, having been at the club for only three, four or five months. It is a proud moment, leading the boys out, and it is something that I will look back on with real pride if I have some trophies to go with it."

Who is your toughest opponent as a Red? (Muhammad, Indonesia)
"As a Red, our toughest opponent, probably, is ourselves. I would say that at times this year, as a team, we have probably let ourselves down by being a bit too inconsistent, not just for a full game but during games. There have been times when we've been so good in games and then we've come off it a bit and been punished. So I'd say our toughest opponent is ourselves. We need to be mentally strong. We are a young group but we don't really want to use that as an excuse. We want to be young but play mature. That is where we have really picked up in recent weeks."

When travelling to away games, who decides who is going to sit where on the coach - is it a rush for the back seats? And do you have the first choice of seats as captain? (Kevin Wise, UK)
"Definitely not! I don't expect to have first choice, I don't want to be treated any differently to any other player. That is not why I want to be captain, or what I want to see a captain as. It is a free for all, to be honest. Generally, the boys do have seats that they like to stay in, week in and week out. There are new players in the squad, which changes the routine of things, but it is first come, first served. I definitely do not have a priority! I sit beside Jesse and Marcus, really. We like to play a bit of Uno."

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