Munich memorial ceremony on the stadium forecourt at Old Trafford

How Munich will be remembered tonight

Tuesday 29 January 2019 11:00

The Munich Air Disaster, the darkest day in the history of Manchester United, will be commemorated before this evening's Premier League game against Burnley at Old Trafford - the home fixture that falls closest to the anniversary, 6 February.

Tributes to the 23 people who suffered fatal injuries in the 1958 plane crash will include the United players wearing black armbands, while a giant banner showing the 'Busby Babes' side lining up for their final match before the tragedy will be passed across the Stretford End as tonight's teams take to the field.

Families of the victims, who included eight United players and three officials, will attend the game as guests of the club.

Meanwhile, supporters will gather under the Munich memorial plaque and clock on the stadium's main forecourt, for a ceremony led by Rev. John Boyers that will be a mixture of poems, songs and prayers, including the famous folk song, The Flowers of Manchester. The ceremony is led by the fans behind the website and is due to start at 18:30 GMT this evening.

A moment of reflection will be observed shortly before kick-off at 20:00 GMT, not only in remembrance for Munich but also as a mark of respect for the Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson, whose plane went missing while en route from Nantes to South Wales last week.

You can learn more about the tragic events of 6 February 1958 by visiting