Why you cannot miss these iconic UTD Podcasts

Tuesday 15 June 2021 21:14

For the first time ever, fans of our popular UTD Podcast series can now listen to episodes in full via the Official Manchester United App.

By simply downloading the latest version of our app, available in most territories on iOS and Android, you will gain access to all episodes so far and what is now an unrivalled archive of incredible stories from Reds history. 

Furthermore, fans who have registered a ‘My United’ account in our Official App can also watch each episode in full and for free, making this the ultimate destination for UTD Podcast lovers. 

Here, our editorial team present their most iconic episodes so far...
Matt Tasker, UTD Podcast Producer

My favourite episode was the Great Dane. Aside from the fact he was my hero growing up, he had an amazing story to tell, climaxing in 1999. His answers were so in-depth, the actual recording took over three hours and I tried to edit it down to an acceptable podcast length, but it still runs at over two hours! But what an insight into the United dressing room – during a historic period for the club – told by one of the most iconic characters at the heart of it all. You must listen to this one in full. 
Joe Ganley, Club Reporter

I was fortunate enough to be present when this episode was recorded. It remains one of the most enjoyable afternoons I've ever had 'working', and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more consistently entertaining guest than the – how shall we put it? – 'charismatic' Frenchman! The stories flowed out of him at such a rate, it was like being on a lairy stag do with your best mates. But the subject matter was probably the most successful era in the history of Manchester United, and the stories were stuffed with characters like Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney and the rest. Ahead of the recording, my boss asked me to listen in and make notes, “in case there are any stories”. About 10 minutes in, I had a list as long as my arm and a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon. If you’ve not heard it, make some time and settle in for the most fun-filled couple of hours you’re likely to have in a global pandemic. The only disappointment? There was plenty more gold that we had to leave on the cutting-room floor. It was a podcast episode, after all – not an audiobook!
UTD Podcast: 'Cristiano said yes' Video

UTD Podcast: 'Cristiano said yes'

Patrice claims Ronaldo and Bale were set to join, before Sir Alex's retirement...

Adam Marshall, Contributing Editor

I loved listening to this episode – I don't think younger fans appreciate just how worshipped Sparky was at Old Trafford, largely because of his later dalliances with the likes of Chelsea as a player and Manchester City as manager. Hearing the Welshman relive his time at Old Trafford was nostalgic and fulfilling because I feel his career here warrants more attention. In terms of a best moment, it's impossible not to relate to the game some will recall better than others, when he was in the opposing dugout for the Michael Owen 4-3 derby. Even now, you can tell Sparky is bitter about the fact the winner came so deep into stoppage time but at least he's no longer as angry as he was on that day in 2009. After all, as any defender from the 1980s and 1990s would tell you, do not get on the wrong side of the Welsh warrior! 
UTD Podcast: How Hughes remembers Rotterdam Video

UTD Podcast: How Hughes remembers Rotterdam

“At the stadium there were Reds everywhere,” says Sparky, recalling the Cup Winners’ Cup final on 15 May 1991...

Mark Froggatt, Senior Digital Editor

I remember listening to this episode while walking the dog and, because it was so engaging, and consistently hilarious too, I kept on going until it was finished – which meant one hour and 21 minutes of exhaustion for Bonnie the boxer, not that she minded in fairness. Right from the start it’s vintage Rooney and he doesn’t hold back in his answers, speaking with a level of honesty that signifies a man who is content with his career. No subject is off limits either: how he almost joined Newcastle in 2004, why he asked to leave United in 2010 and the complexities of his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson. While co-hosts David May and Sam Homewood are on top form, credit must go to Helen Evans for her role in this iconic episode. Her friendship with Wayne clearly put him at ease and led to an absorbing, revealing and consistently hilarious episode you cannot afford to miss. 
UTD Podcast: When Wayne tried to leave Video

UTD Podcast: When Wayne tried to leave

For 48 hours in 2010, after handing in a transfer request, Rooney was the most wanted man in world football...

Adam Bostock, ManUtd.com Editor
I remember the buzz in the office when our producers signed up Eric fairly early in the life of UTD Podcast. It wasn't quite episode no.7 – that would have been far too poetic – but the Frenchman's edition still occurred within the first few months from the launch date. Like the impact his shock transfer to Old Trafford in December 1992 had on Sir Alex Ferguson's title-seeking team, Cantona was a catalyst for the pod, kicking it on to even greater levels of popularity as we hung on his every word. 'We' included the intrepid trio tasked with teasing the best lines out of him – who could blame them if podcast presenters Sam Homewood, Helen Evans and David May seemed to be in the same kind of awe as the listeners? Even Maysie, who shared a dressing room with Eric from 1994 to 1997 and had a rare goal for the club overshadowed on that night at Selhurst Park when ‘the King’ took exception to being trolled from the stands – no social media back then, of course – and retaliated with that infamous kung-fu kick. The incident was covered on the podcast, as were Eric’s childhood and memories of his glories with United of course, and it all made for a riveting piece of entertainment. Merci, Monsieur Cantona.