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There's a new way to follow United matches

Thursday 28 February 2019 12:00

You think you know stats, but you’ve never seen this before!

There’s a brand new way to read the game, with innovative real-time stats and unique interpretations of match data now at your fingertips in our Official Manchester United App's all-new Match Centre.

This was made for Reds and is exclusive to you. No other football club app has this.

We know that statistics are essential to how fans experience football in 2019. Whether it’s born out of playing FIFA, fantasy leagues, football manager games, or listening to pundits and commentators reel off facts, supporters are increasingly well-versed when chatting about the beautiful game. 

It’s simple: you need to be well-informed at all times and that’s why our Official App now allows users to delve deeper than ever into live data during the game, for our players and the opposition.

Download the Official Manchester United App to try the all-new Match Centre.

Check out the 'Influencers' screen in the Official App's all-new Match Centre.

Utilising Opta’s instant player scoring system and match data feeds, the Official App provides a live view of who is influencing the game, lets fans compare them head to head, and highlights which team has the momentum at any given moment based on recent play. It’s literally a game-changer!

Fans can also assess the statistical impact of players in key areas – Shooting, Attacking, Passing, Possession, Defending and Goalkeeping – all based on positive actions during the game. 

Of course, everyone knows that football can’t solely be defined by data. Many factors determine what is classed as a good performance – energy, passion, tactical nous, a footballing brain and many other areas can be difficult to calculate in numbers. But stats do tell a story of the match and one which modern fans deserve to have at their fingertips, which our Official App now provides.

We calculate which team has the 'Momentum' in a match, overall and at any given point in time.

Our real-time stats will be available to users for the first time on Saturday, when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Reds face Southampton in the Premier League at Old Trafford. 

If you can’t wait until then, why not explore the data from our previous games against Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG and Fulham? Just open your Official App, access the fixture list, select your game and tap the football pitch icon in the top-right corner. Here you’ll find our all-new Match Centre.

You might want to analyse Romelu Lukaku's two-goal display at Selhurst Park, study Luke Shaw's dominant outing against Mo Salah, reflect on Paul Pogba’s powerful performance at Stamford Bridge, see who stood out against PSG or assess Anthony Martial’s magic at Craven Cottage.

The options are almost limitless, so get started now.

Download the Official Manchester United App to try the all-new Match Centre.

The 'Head to Head' screen is a fascinating look at the key pairing in a match.


How is each player for United and the opposition influencing the game? Based on core data, like passes completed, chances created, saves, goals, Opta award a ranking out of 100 per cent. It’s a live figure, too, so fans will see Influencer scores rise each time they do something positive. 

Working out which team dominated the game starts many debates. But using live team stats – Chances Created, Duels Won, Crosses, Passes Forward, Touches in the Opposition Box, and Possession – we calculate which team has the Momentum, overall and at any given point. This is represented by an overall share of play (e.g. 65 per cent) and how much that’s changed in the last five minutes (e.g. +5 per cent). This is a more useful indicator than, say, possession alone.

Live Player Stats: 
Delve deeper into each player’s specific stats and see their real-time Opta data.

Head to Head: 
View side-by-side player stats comparisons for both the opposition and teammates. Tap on any player from either team in the Influencers screen, then choose to go Head to Head. It’s a fascinating look at the key pairings.

The 'Head to Head' screen is a fascinating look at the key pairing in a match.

On Fire: Which player’s Influencer rating has increased most in the last five minutes? Rashford’s tearing the opposition apart? He’s on fire. De Gea is stopping everything thrown at him? He’s on fire.

Best Mates: Each player has a ‘Best Mate’ – which effectively means the two players who have passed to each other more than anyone else. It highlights the most effective partnerships out there. 

Rivals: Much like Best Mates, this pairs players with opponents and is based on several stats: Take Ons, Tackles, Dispossessions, Fouls, Challenges, Aerial Duels. 

Quick Match Stats: Detailed stats can be overwhelming, and some fans just want the well-established favourites – Shots, Possession, Corners – so we’ve made these more visible in the United Now newsfeed on matchdays.