It's here! The Manchester United official app

Being a United fan just got so much better with our brand new app!

You are among the first supporters in the world to use it and, from now on, you will never miss the breaking stories, signings, team news and exclusive interviews from across our various teams.

Without doubt, we’ll get you closer than ever to the players and managers, both on and off the pitch. Look out for these great new features:

If it’s happening now, it’s in our newsfeed! That’s the crux of our new app, with a constant stream of news, images, video, behind-the-scenes access to the players, the manager and the Aon Training Complex, with plenty of polls, social media and more content than you can shake a stick at! It's highly addictive: you'll be checking it every single day, multiple times, and we hope you enjoy it.

You will land on United Now and our latest content every time you open the app, but the navigation menu is just a tap of the finger away. Just hit 'Explore' at the bottom of your screen.

The first thing you need to do is sign for United! You can do that by tapping the 'Profile' tab on the main menu and creating your own shirt, with your surname and favourite number on the back. Then, just enter your details and complete your transfer to the brand new Manchester United app.

Watch the launch video for our brand new, global Manchester United Official App.
Looking for a fast fix? Then collections are perfect for you! Think of them like your Instagram or Snapchat story, but stuffed with articles, videos, quotes, polls and social media all bundled together. 

These are a flick of the finger away: just swipe to the left from the United Now timeline to access the full list of fixtures and results. You’ll also find a separate tab for our rivals, so you can monitor the opposition. 

A swipe to the right will direct you straight in the profiles section of the app, where you can delve into the finer details of our players across all of the teams - their latest match stats, interviews, videos and more. There’s also a section for the legends whose names are permanently etched into the history of the club. 

We’ve worked hard on creating what we feel is an exciting and innovative new app for our supporters. We hope that you enjoy it. 

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