Jesse Lingard smiles and clenches fist while posing the Manchester United home kit for 2018 19

Jesse Lingard: What I'm doing off the pitch

Tuesday 20 November 2018 10:32

As any fan who follows him on social media will know, Jesse Lingard is undoubtedly among the trendsetters in the Manchester United squad.

The man who's scored twice for England in this international break recently spoke to the club's official magazine, Inside United, to reveal what's floating his boat, from the clothes he likes to wear to the celebrities who inspire him.

For example, when we asked him what he's currently listening to, Jesse told us:

"There is a lot of music coming out at the moment. Lil Baby has dropped an album so I'm listening to that. Also, Drake, as usual, so it's the regulars, but people keep bringing new songs out every week so there is always a variety to pick from."

Here are the other things on his hot list...


Who I'm... laughing at
Jesse Lingard says

"I always follow Kevin Hart. He cracks me up when I see him! I've always been a big admirer of him and have been following him for quite a while now. Victor Lindelof likes him too."

Who I'm... inspired by
Jesse Lingard says

"I think there are good people around me at the moment and, obviously, there are people in different sports that I look up to. LeBron James is doing well with the Lakers."

Where I'm... eating out
Jesse Lingard says

"At the moment, it's the usuals. Wings, Tattu, Victor's in Hale, Piccolinos. The Lunch Box I go to sometimes."

Who I'm... following
Jesse Lingard says

"Football friends, friends at home and a few celebrities. But I don’t really follow that many people, to be honest. I’m socially active on Instagram and stuff like that."

What I'm... playing
Jesse Lingard says

"FIFA 19 and Call of Duty. I love Call of Duty at the moment. Quite a few of us are on there with headsets and whatnot. It's good fun. Red Dead Redemption? I've not played it yet."

What I'm... reading
Jesse Lingard says

"I’m not really a book person, to be honest. Marcus is trying to get me into some, though. He reads books. I can’t remember what they are called, stuff about psychology. Might be an interesting read!"

What I'm... watching
Jesse Lingard says

"I've just finished Somewhere Between, a series on Netflix, which was very good. I've started Making A Murderer season two - the first was brilliant. I was bored at home so I watched all the Spiderman and Batman films the other week!"

What I'm... wearing
Jesse Lingard says

"I wear my own tracksuits and stuff like that. I'm wearing them quite often. I've posted pictures of them on social media."

What I'm... YouTubing
Jesse Lingard says

"Football videos and things like that, music videos as well. They are the main things I watch on there. Clips of Ronaldinho, clips of Iniesta, I love things like that."

This article first appeared in Inside United, our official monthly magazine.