Jose Mourinho applauds the fans after United's defeat to Tottenham

Mourinho: We were very unlucky to lose

Jose Mourinho felt Manchester United did not deserve to lose to Tottenham Hotspur and made a point of praising his players’ attitude and togetherness during his post-match interviews.

The manager also thanked the “amazing” fans at Old Trafford and singled out Luke Shaw’s performance in the 3-0 reversal, while speaking to MUTV and Sky Sports

‘We were really unlucky’
“We worked very well during the week and prepared for the game very well. By the strategic and tactical point of view, we didn’t lose. We played very well, the players had a fantastic attitude and, at half-time, the score in my opinion should have been two goals different, minimum. We created more chances than in any match. We were really frustrated at half-time with the result but we believed that we were going to win the game. Then something changed the game a little bit and the score was 2-0 but the team was in the game. I’m not saying that with one goal, we would have won or even drawn, but we were very much in the game and only the 3-0 smashed the mentality of the team. One thing is to lose at home and deservedly, another thing is to lose undeservedly, being the best team, having a fantastic attitude and being really, really unlucky.”

‘Our fans were amazing’
“Our fans don’t read papers, or watch television. They are more intelligent than that and they answered in an absolutely amazing away. I don't think it's normal for a team to lose a game at home and for the supporters to react the way they did. They reacted in relation to what they saw, in relation to what they feel. The supporters are an amazing judge. The way they reacted, for me, tells you everything. Normally I am the first one to leave the pitch when my team wins, but my team lost and my players deserved to be in the middle of the pitch with me. So I went there for my players. But then, the fans, they had such an amazing reaction to the boys, so I had to thank them on behalf of everyone.”

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‘I’m very happy with Shaw’
“I was particularly pleased with him. I told him he could not play better than he did. I saw him at 3-0 having cramp and keeping in the game until the last second with that pride, with that dignity that the fans applaud. Of course, the kid has to be upset with the result, but the kid has to know that he has had three very good matches in the Premier League and today he was very, very good. I am very, very happy with him.”

‘My team is united’
“If anyone that watched this game, one thing is for sure: the team is united. The boys wouldn't have fought the way they did and wouldn’t have given what they gave if they weren't united. I think it should be time to stop with untruth because otherwise people don’t believe what they read. For the team to fight the way they did, with empathy, with solidarity between the players and dignity to play together for Manchester United and lose at home, of course it’s a very difficult thing for anyone. I think one is clear: the team is united. And there is no union without the manager.”

Jones injury update
“I don't know what Phil Jones has – maybe a hamstring but I did not speak yet to know what it is – but we have Smalling, Lindelof and Eric Bailly.”