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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

United 2 Arsenal 1: Mourinho's verdict

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho spoke to MUTV and the media after the dramatic 2-1 victory over Arsenal at Old Trafford.

The Reds boss has also revealed he believes matchwinner Marouane Fellaini will sign a new contract, while he says is awaiting a full update on the situation regarding top scorer Romelu Lukaku, who was forced off due to a foot injury.

“I don't think we played especially well. I think the fact they made a few changes didn't help us from the mental point of view. There was less responsibility for them and our team was a little bit more relaxed. However, in the last 20 minutes we showed that we wanted to win. We changed the game in the direction where it was more to difficult for them to cope with it and I think, because of the last push, we deserved to win.”

'We showed we wanted to win' Video

“We need, I think, two points or one point to finish third and four to finish second. So we are not far from the position I believe we deserve. If we finish second, I think it's the first time for five years, so since Sir Alex left, but okay. There is progress at many levels but not enough to be first instead of second and not enough to win the Champions League instead of the Europa League. But enough to finish second in the table and win some trophies, and go to some finals, but we need to do more.”

“I think we always say the most important one is the one that we win. When I won the Champions League, it was the most important trophy for me. When I won the leagues, the leagues were more important for me. When I win nothing, I say winning is not important!”

“I won't see him [Arsene Wenger] after the game. It's my day off tomorrow and I'll go to London. He has a big match waiting for him. We were together a little bit before the game and I'm happy with the class my club showed towards him. I told the club I'd like Sir Alex to present the award, not me, because Sir Alex was his real rival, especially at United. My story with Mr Wenger in United is just a couple of years. I hope that I play against him again. I hope it can happen in the Premier League but, if not, who knows? We still have a big match waiting for us.”

Manchester United 2 Arsenal 1 article

Fellaini's injury-time winner sends Arsene Wenger home empty-handed in his 60th and final game against the Reds.