Jose Mourinho

Mourinho's verdict on UEFA Super Cup defeat

Jose Mourinho spoke to MUTV, BT Sport and reporters at his post-match press conference in Skopje following Manchester United's 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup.

Here are the manager's main comments:


“I think we did well. We lost 2-1 which, I think, shows the result was really short, and one of the goals was offside so with a good VAR [video assistant referee] it would be 1-1 and extra time. I think they could score more goals than they did, we could score more goals than we did. They had a period of dominance in the middle of the first half. If Real were superior when they scored, they were very superior. They were best between minutes 20 and 40 and then they scored through Casemiro. They scored when they deserved to score. That was when they were dominating, playing the ball best and creating more difficulties for us. But it was offside.

I think we started with very good control of the game but we lost that control after 20 minutes when they were better than us. Later we had a period of dominance in the middle of the second half. In the second half we gave them problems. I was happy with our reaction.

“We were playing against a team of fantastic players and we discussed the result until almost the end, not the end but almost the end. Almost the end because when Cristiano Ronaldo is coming, the referee decided to show the respect for this amazing player, and then game over because every time Cristiano wanted a free kick the game was stopped. But we gave them a fight, we gave them a good fight and my boys only have reasons to leave - okay, disappointed because to lose is disappointing - but to leave optimistic and proud. Let’s go for it on Sunday.”


“The group is fantastic and Marouane [Fellaini] is just an example of that group, of that spirit we have. We were losing 2-0 against a fantastic team and, after 2-0, the next ball is a double chance with an open goal, amazing reaction, and then we go to 2-1. Then Marouane was injured but he kept going. Then we missed the Rashford chance only with the keeper to beat. We fought really until Cristiano got onto the pitch and I have to say that I’m really happy because although we lost a game and we lost a cup, we didn’t lose the season. The season is here, the season started today but our Premier League starts on Sunday for us and we are better now than when we were last season when we won the Europa League.”


“We can [do that] but we can also play with four at the back. We used pre-season to work and try to improve things we already do and develop things we don’t do. Lots of teams are playing with three defenders and wing-backs and we played like that against Sampdoria and LA Galaxy because it’s something that maybe during the season we are going to do.”


“He also showed great spirit, great mentality. He was playing really, really well against a difficult team, because they move the ball a lot and they overload many times the central area and it's difficult to pick them up. But it was a very good performance from Nemanja. I think he played really well. In the moment when they were moving the ball more, he was good and in our period of dominance he was what we want him to be: moving the ball simply, giving balance and starting from the back. He has good experience at the highest level and stability.”


“It's a difficult job to play against a team who dominate possession. He tried. Of course he missed an open goal but he scored his goal and had a good fight against two central defenders. I’m happy with how he fits within an amazing group.”


“I think so, I think clearly the club [Real Madrid] wants him, the manager wants him and he wants the club, so for me, game over, even before it started, but game over clearly because I think now everybody knows that he’s going to stay.”


“Yes, we deserve the rest tomorrow and on Thursday we will start, we go for it with everything. I’m so happy to be the manager of these guys, I told them a few days ago that during my long career I never had a group that I liked so much, like I like them. I’m really happy to be with them and I’m going to fight with them all the way, so let's go on Sunday. Old Trafford is waiting for us and I think Old Trafford has a reason to be behind us.”

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