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Key quotes: Jose Mourinho reflects on win

Sunday 28 October 2018 19:15

Jose Mourinho was delighted with the performance of his Manchester United side after the 2-1 win over Everton at Old Trafford.

Speaking to Sky Sports, MUTV and at the post-match press conference, the manager discussed a number of issues, including the fact the Reds survived over six minutes of stoppage time, the midfield and Anthony Martial's dazzling display...


"I thought we played very well against Chelsea, especially in the second half. The second half against Newcastle was also special. The first half against Spurs was phenomenal. We had some nice games in some nice periods. I think this was not complete because the result was in doubt until the last second, but that is a consequence of a goal that we concede and a consequence of some big chances that we miss, but I agree with you, the performance was solid. In some periods in the second half, it was not just solid, it was more than that, I think beautiful, great actions, create possession, not the possession just to have the ball but to create possession. I think the performance was very good. We don’t need the last corner, where a bit of tragedy almost like what happened at Stamford Bridge."


"In terms of the philosophy and the mentality, yes. But I would like a better Manchester United."

'We felt pressure towards the end' Video

'We felt pressure towards the end'

Jose discusses the result, Pogba, Martial, Lindelof and more in his post-match interview with Stewart Gardner…


" I think he has the same natural talent that he had one year ago, two years ago, but he's improving his way of thinking football, thinking training too and thinking his role in the team, so I'm really, really happy with him. And with Luke Shaw, with boys that are improving and difficult periods for them, difficult periods for myself, because I want more from them and I took them to the limit. But in this moment I think both of them and in today's case, Anthony, he was able to do things that he was not able to do before, so I'm really, really happy with Anthony."


"Fred played well. I think they were good. [Nemanja] Matic, Fred and [Paul] Pogba were good. I think in other matches, even when he [Fred] didn’t play, I think the team was was controlling well. Even against Chelsea, when we played with two midfield players, we were in great control and great creation so I think we are playing okay. We are not as solid, as rock solid as I would like. We don’t have the killer instinct that I would like. Some teams with three chances score three goals and some teams without the ball, they can resist and keep clean sheets all the time. For us, it is always an impossible mission to keep a clean sheet even with the phenomenal goalkeeper we have and to score goals is really difficult for us. You can see that in this moment."


"Difficult moments, you're always going to have. You see Everton. Everton is not on paper, and I don't think they feel themselves, a candidate to the top four, but look to the potential and you don't see many differences and they are a team capable to come here and to fight for a result the way they did, so every match is difficult."


"He [Victor Lindelof] is getting better. He reads the game well, he's fast, he's not very physical but he can be more aggressive than he is when he adapts to a different style of play, which is the Premier League. But a second season at the club [and he] is a kind of player that can only be better."

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