Juan Mata.

Mata and Grant reveal how Reds are training at home

Saturday 21 March 2020 15:55

Manchester United team-mates Juan Mata and Lee Grant have provided a unique insight into how the players are keeping fit, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect sport and society.

The postponement of all football has now been extended from 3 to 30 April, following an announcement that was communicated by the FA, Premier League and EFL on Thursday afternoon.  

The club continues to review the coronavirus situation day by day, but in light of the latest governmental guidance, and as a sensible precaution, it was confirmed earlier this week that the first team, women's team and Academy players are all training individually, away from club facilities.

With millions of United fans craving ‘live’ football, we have this week been streaming classic games in full and for free as part of the ‘Match Rewind’ campaign. On Sunday, to mark the five-year anniversary, we will show the 2-1 win over Liverpool in which Mata scored twice at Anfield.
United Hangout: Mata x Grant x Fletcher x Brown Video

United Hangout: Mata x Grant x Fletcher x Brown

Hang out with Mata and Grant, plus legends Fletcher and Brown, before our stream of 'Juanfield' at 16:00 GMT...

In a special ‘United Hangout’ to preview that re-run, we caught up with the experienced Spaniard via video call and began by asking how he is coping as a player in these unprecedented times. 

“We are coping okay,” says Mata. “We are obviously in the house, trying to stay fit, trying to train how we can, doing some exercise in the house and whoever has a garden, they are in the garden. 

“We are just trying to stay fit. We are being patient and calm, that is the only thing we can do now. We have to wait, we have to trust the experts and we have to wait until we can play football again.”
United goalkeeper Grant also took part in the call and he supplied added detail on what the players are doing at home, with the good-humoured stopper admitting his family will be involved next week.

“We have been in constant contact with the coaches and, of course, I have been in touch with the goalkeeping coaches,” explains Grant. “We have got our own special programme and, really, it just centres around doing as much as we can within the confines and the safety of our own houses. 

“Of course, we are utilising what equipment we have and, as Juan says, the garden has come into play as well. Of course, I will be dragging the kids into being involved with me as well next week, seeing as they will be off school, so it will be a total family fitness-slash-PE, extravaganza in the mornings! 

“So, we are really just doing what we can and trying to follow, as closely as we can, the programmes that the club have given us.”
Lee Grant says

“We have been in constant contact with the coaches and, of course, I have been in touch with the goalkeeping coaches. We have got our own special programmes."

Club legend Darren Fletcher also joined our current first-team players in looking forward to Sunday’s stream of ‘Juanfield’ and, as the Scot explains, the coronavirus is affecting everybody.

“Obviously, I am doing my coaching badges and it stops me from doing that, as well as bits and pieces of media,” says Fletch. “It stops a lot of things, really, but at the same time I am not as active as these guys. It has not really stopped me too much in that respect.

“It must be a challenge for the players because you have to keep yourself fit and be ready to go. But they are used to that because nowadays, when you are off for the summer, nobody really switches off completely. Everyone stays fit, you have be professional 24/7 nowadays. 

“So these guys know what they are doing and they are the ultimate professionals. You have got two expert pros in Juan and Lee as well, who will be setting the standards.”

Looking to watch a game? Our ‘Match Rewind’ stream of the 2015 victory at Anfield starts at 16:00 GMT on Sunday, for free, via ManUtd.com and our Official App.