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The United squad in training on Sunday 28 January 2018.

Mata: Playing for United changes your life

Hi everyone. With January coming to an end, we can say that we’re keeping the same level and the smile that we had when 2018 started: five wins in five games and no goals conceded yet.

Obviously we are happy, aware that we are entering the decisive spell of the season, and I can tell you that we feel strong and encouraged to fight for as much success as possible.

Our victory in Yeovil last Friday brings us to the next round of the FA Cup, a competition we are very excited about. The final score might say it was an easy win, but it wasn’t: Yeovil Town made things difficult for us and they were a very good opponent.

All the goals at YeovilVideo

For Alexis Sánchez that game meant his debut as a Red Devil. His arrival is great news because a player of his level always raises the competition within the team and our competitiveness. He’s a great player and I’m sure that he will help us a lot. 

Precisely this week marked the fourth anniversary of my arrival at Old Trafford and my first game with the club. When you become a Manchester United player, nothing will ever be the same. Being part of this club is something very special and I can assure you that I keep enjoying every single game like I did with my debut against Cardiff. I'll never stop thanking you for your support day after day. Thanks to you, being part of this club is really special.



I don’t want to forget to wish the best of luck once again to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, a footballer with great talent and a friend that deserves all the good things that happen to him. Enjoy in your new club and see you soon!

In our nearest future we have two games, both scheduled for this week, that are meant to be a test to our good run of results. The first one in London, against Tottenham, always one of the toughest away games of the season. They compete very well and have great players in all their lines and a great manager also. I’m sure it’s going to be a nice game in a venue that brings good memories to all us. Playing at Wembley is always special.

Then, on Saturday, we have Huddersfield at home. They are struggling to win in this start of 2018 but they already showed in the first leg what they’re capable of; let’s try to learn from that experience so we can make the most of our virtues and get the three points.

Hugs, Juan!

PS: It was an honour for me to attend the World Economic Forum this week, a special experience from which I could learn many things. I had the opportunity to meet really inspiring people such as Bill Gates or Malala, and we talked about Common Goal and the ability of sports in general, and football in particular, to help make a positive change in society. I take with me the example and inspiration of some of the people I met there, people who dedicate their lives to make the lives of others more decent. The Common Goal movement keeps growing!


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