Lisandro Martinez

Four memorable moments from Licha’s Q&A

Thursday 08 June 2023 11:51

In a bid to show fans the man behind the ‘Butcher’ nickname, Lisandro Martinez sat down with club media, to reveal all in an exclusive Q&A.

By all, of course, we mean everything that inspires him on and off the pitch, how he tries – and sometimes fails – to switch his mind off football, and his love for you, the passionate Reds who fiercely support him, week in and week out. 

Naturally, an interview of such length is a hefty one, so we’ve picked out four memorable moments from Licha’s sit-down chat for you to sink your teeth into. 

Scroll down to find out more about the man behind the player, who sadly had to miss the end of the season due to injury… 
Martinez: Passion is our culture Video

Martinez: Passion is our culture

Get to know more about Licha's character and mentality in this exclusive Q&A with club media...


Martinez acknowledged his parents as two of his heroes in life, revealing what traits he has picked up from them: “Be humble. Be a good person. Love, character, and fight for your things. 

“There are many things and I can’t describe everything – but be a good person and fight for your things.”

There’s no doubt his family is immensely proud of the World Cup winner, as are the people back in Gualeguay, the city where he was born.

“They are very proud, also I’m very proud to come from there, you know?

“I think it’s a bit emotional for me because we lived many things, many moments there, so I’m really happy. I’m really proud.” 


For a player who leaves everything on the pitch every single time he plays, being able to switch off and reset is pertinent. 

Truthfully, though, sometimes it is a bit difficult, as he says in his own words: “To be honest, football is a big part of my life. I live for football, I give everything for it. 

“I try to watch everything from Argentina, Europe – everywhere!” 

Licha does, however, recognise the importance of taking time to ‘disconnect,’ adding: “I think you have another life, outside of your club. 

“Sometimes, when I can, I cook, I can do a barbecue. I think this is really typical from Argentina… and I like to spend time with the people that I love.” 
Our no.6 says he 'lives for football'.

When it comes to playing for club and country, Lisandro has been known to leave it all out there, part of what has endeared him to fans since joining in the summer. 

That never-say-die attitude has been infectious through the club, with the 25-year-old already sensing his impact here. 

“I’m really happy to be here, it’s a big dream of mine,” he said. “[Never-say-die] is my mentality, I try to show in every ball, in every game, that is what I like. That is my game as well, to give everything that I have.”
Martinez getting stuck in against Real Betis in the Europa League.
Despite the roaring passion that comes with his game, Licha also noted the important of staying composed when in possession, adding: “I think it’s very important for me to be calm with the ball, especially when they press us and put high pressure on. 

“You have to be calm, and make the right decision, so it’s very important when we have the ball, to keep playing, to not be nervous.” 
United fans with Licha's shirt after our win away to Fulham.


Argentina's celebrations have continued for some time after winning the World Cup in December. In fact, they might still be going in some places!

The magical moment for Licha is one that will live with him forever, and he empathises with the sheer elation felt by those back in his native country.

“It’s our culture, especially in football," he said of the wild scenes of jubilation. "We have a lot of passion. Football, it means a lot for us. Yeah, the fans are really crazy about football and they show us really good support.

"Now it’s time to enjoy it, also this amazing moment that we are world champions, and you can see in the videos. The Argentinian people are so nice."