Three must-see Little Devils challenges

Sunday 05 June 2022 13:00

We all love our Manchester United facts and figures, but just how good is your Reds knowledge?

Our Little Devils, Zac and Charlie, were on hand to put several Reds to the test before the end of the season, via a host of brilliant quizzes and challenges which you can now watch below... and see how many you get right!

Juan Mata, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard and Lee Grant all took part and it's fair to say they did pretty well between them all!

First up, was the 'Better the Devil You Know' quiz which saw the Little Devils pose five United-themed questions each to Phil, Jesse and Lee. It was certainly a closely fought contest and you can see who came out on top in the video directly below.

Better the Devil You Know quiz! Video

Better the Devil You Know quiz!

See what happened when the Little Devils tested the players' knowledge with some United-themed questions...

Next up from Zac and Charlie was a game of 'True or False'.

During this challenge, the boys read out a number of a statements to the players who had to raise their green and red bats to denote if they thought the statements were true or false.

Our Little Devils threw in a couple of curveballs for Juan, Phil, Lee and Jesse with some non-United questions included as part of the game.

Click the play button on the video below to see who celebrated the win in this competition!

True or False with the Little Devils! Video

True or False with the Little Devils!

The Reds must guess which statements are right and wrong - see how they did...

The final test for the Reds was in 'The Devil Wears adidas' game.

Each player was shown a number of different images of players dressed in some of our most popular outfits on United Direct, but their faces were covered up by a Fred the Red mask.

Juan, Phil, Lee and Jesse were then tasked with working out who each one was - can you guess who won? It's fair to say one United player was on fire when it came to giving their answers - check out the video directly below to see how it all unfolded!

The Devil Wears adidas challenge! Video

The Devil Wears adidas challenge!

We disguised a number of Reds using a familiar mask and asked the players to see if they knew who was who...

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