Luke Shaw.

Who is Shaw's toughest opponent in training?

Wednesday 13 May 2020 07:00

Luke Shaw has answered a selection of fans' questions as part of his weekly diary with us, and declared that Paul Pogba is his toughest opponent in training.

The left-back admits it is a challenge trying to mark the likes of Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, due to their speed and skills, but the strength and control of Pogba means the World Cup winner is hardest to mark.

It will come as no great surprise that the defender believes the Frenchman has the potential to become the best midfielder in the world.

Luke Shaw says

"The hardest player to get the ball off is Paul. He's so big, strong, he's got quick feet. To be fair, he's got everything to be the best midfielder in the world."

When asked which player he fears most in training, he replied: "I wouldn’t say 'fear' is the right word because I enjoy playing against the likes of Rashy and Martial because they’re tricky, high-quality players and I like that challenge of facing them.

“Every time I’m facing Anthony, I like to have a little joke around with him, talk to him a lot and tell him: 'I’m coming for you.'

“Actually, probably the hardest player to get the ball off is Paul. He’s so big, strong, he’s got quick feet. To be fair, he’s got everything to be the best midfielder in the world.

“You could ask any player in the team about that. I’d have to pick Paul as the toughest one to train against as well because it’s so tough to get the ball off him – he knows how to shield it away and he’s also got the best quality to deliver shots and passes too.”

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Shaw's moments of the season

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Shaw also discussed his choices for United's Player of the Year, suggesting three strong contenders to succeed him in collecting the Sir Matt Busby trophy.

Reflecting on his own success last season, Luke says: "Over the weekend I realised that it was a year since I won our Player of the Year award last May, which was a huge honour for me, absolutely massive. Winning that award for any club is great, but at a club the size of United it means a bit more.

"I didn’t think I actually had the best of years – I know I did well in some aspects during the season, but there were definitely areas I could improve in and I took some positives from that too because it meant I could still get even better.

"To win the two awards voted for by the fans and your team-mates was a very special feeling for me, especially when you look at the trophies and see the names who have won it before. Ronaldo, Keane, Beckham, Giggs… I mean, wow."

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