Luke Shaw

Embarrassed Luke Shaw reacts to heavy Spurs loss

Sunday 04 October 2020 19:41

Luke Shaw admitted he was “embarrassed” and pained after Manchester United were beaten 6-1 at Old Trafford by Tottenham Hotspur.

The Reds suffered a joint-worst Premier League defeat, despite going ahead with a second-minute penalty converted by Bruno Fernandes, before Spurs hit back with two goals in four minutes to take the lead with just seven minutes on the clock.

Anthony Martial was sent off after 28 minutes and Spurs were relentless from then on.

Shaw says the Reds let themselves down and “sloppiness” was the source of the humiliation.

“We start well, we get the penalty, we go 1-0 up, that lack of concentration, that sloppiness, then the mistake, another mistake then more mistakes that gave them chances and goals to come back into the game,” our left back told Sky Sports.

“The red card didn’t help but even before then after the first goal we switched off and it really hurts.

A grimacing Luke Shaw admits it was a painful day for United.

“A club like Manchester United shouldn’t be losing, but losing in this way, in this sort of manner it really hurts and it is kind of embarrassing because I feel like we have let a lot of people down today who were watching at home.

“We let ourselves down, we let the staff down and it really hurts.”

There was no passing the buck from Shaw as the manner of the loss sunk in.

“Whoever is on the pitch, whenever you are on the pitch, whatever the scoreline is, the players on the pitch have to take responsibility,” Luke said.

“They are the ones, we maybe get given tactics before the game and responsibilities that players need to do, but when you are on the pitch the manager can only give you advice.

“We are the players on the pitch and we need to have very high standards. The players we have have quality but it hasn’t been showing. We need to look at ourselves in the mirror as individuals but as a team collectively we are nowhere near it at the moment.”