United fans at the Nou Camp on 26 May 1999.

Your memories of the 1999 Champions League final

Thursday 21 February 2019 17:00

The 1998/99 season will always be fondly remembered by Manchester United fans of a certain age, in particular the final part of the unprecedented Treble when we beat Bayern Munich 2-1 in the Champions League final.

We've been marking the 20th anniversary of that memorable campaign throughout the season and announced last week that there will be a reunion match on 26 May, when Sir Alex Ferguson will return to the dugout as our Treble legends will be reunited with Bayern Munich 20 years on from that special night at the Nou Camp. 

That led to us wondering what memories Reds fans have of the unforgettable occasion in Barcelona. We asked our Facebook followers and were inundated with responses. Here are some of the best... 

Helen O’Connor: I still get a lump in my throat. I was a kid at the time and I remember just running up and down my street screaming after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored. An amazing night to top off an incredible season.

Erica Reyes - Me and my sister sat 12 rows from the back of the Nou Camp behind the goal it all happened. It was the first time I had ever been on a plane and got my first passport to go to the Champions League final. I was covered in bruises by the end of it. Tears and laughter all the way. Never ever will I forget that day.

Make 26 May 2019 a date for your diary... Video

Make 26 May 2019 a date for your diary...

United will mark the 20th anniversary of the Treble triumph by meeting Bayern Munich again.

Stevie McShane - I watched the Treble unfold in three different countries. I watched the final league game in Switzerland, where I live, and revelled in Andy Cole's first two touches to win the game. Then it was off to London where I went to college to play in our annual old boys match and enjoyed Teddy Sheringham's redemption. Finally it was back home to Strabane in Northern Ireland and down to my local for the final match of the Treble. My mate was going crazy as Bayern Munich made all the running but every time they hit the post I just told him we were going to win! I have never had such faith in United but it was just written in the stars. From the start of the season, we always left it late and so it proved. My brother in law almost broke his hand when we scored as we all jumped up and punched the air, and the pub ceiling was so low, but no-one cared including him. We had done it, the Treble in the bag, what a magical night! 

Lee Nisch - I was in Mauritius watching the game with the family. Ninety minutes gone and they all said it was over. I was the only one who stayed positive until the end and I was not disappointed. It feels like yesterday. 

Dave Tattersall - I watched the game at home with my dad and did not stop cheering Teddy Sheringham’s equaliser! We were still celebrating when Ole banged in the winner.

Mark Christopher Riley - I just remember my mum telling me after Basler scored 'don't worry son they [United] will win it'. I remember going to bed after the final and saying to myself 'we have just won the treble oh my god'. So many great memories of that season.

Rand Chiang - I watched the final on TV. The look on the Bayern players’ faces when we equalised, then got the winner. It taught me never to count my chickens before they hatch. 

Why not make more memories, with tickets now on sale for the Treble Reunion match at Old Trafford on Sunday 26 May.

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