Marcus Rashford surrounded by United fans during Tour 2017.

Rashford: Tour strengthens our connection with fans

Saturday 07 July 2018 08:41

Marcus Rashford says travelling with the Manchester United first team on tour provides the younger players with a unique experience of the club's global fanbase.

The Reds' striker is currently focused on the challenges ahead for his country as England prepare for a World Cup quarter-final tie against Sweden on Saturday.

Before he departed for World Cup duties, Rashford reflected on last year's memorable trip to the United States, telling us: "We obviously get to see a lot of the fans here in Manchester, but when you go away with the team you get to understand their way of supporting United and the love they have for the club and the effort they put in to follow us.

'Tours are great opportunities'


Scott McTominay reflects on United's 2017 trip to the US and gets ready to advise the new boys on this month's tour.

"The first time [you go on tour] is something very special because that’s really the first time you start to connect with fans elsewhere other than Manchester."

As well as the learnings off the pitch about the club's well-renowned following, the 20-year-old said tours are also vital for giving you a base fitness for the upcoming campaign.

"I think it’s a very important transition from the summer to the new season and that period in pre-season sets you up for the season," he added. "It’s vital that you work very hard during that time and do things well because you’ll see the benefits later on in the season."


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