United's Boxing Day sale is now on

Saturday 26 December 2020 06:00

In that awkward bit between finishing work for Christmas and the lead up to New Year, where you have no work to do, a mountain of chocolates to eat and a distinctly underwhelming selection of box sets to entertain you, why not treat yourself to those few bits that Santa might not quite get right this year?

Socks and novelty jumpers are great (thanks, Aunty Sue!), but they may not be *quite* what you had on your list, and let’s face it, heading to the shops for the Boxing Day sales is out of the question this year.

Thankfully, United Direct has a sale on to help get you kitted out for 2021. Here’s our top picks to get you started...

2020/21 home kit
If you don't unwrap the latest home kit on the big day, have no fear, you can pick one up now with your Christmas money, and save 25%. From your all-time hero, to your current first-team favourite, or maybe even your own name on the back, there are plenty of choices to adorn the back of your shirt. If you fancy something different, the away kit also has 25% off for a limited time.

Available now at United Direct while stocks last.

Retro range
Are you hoping to pull something from your stocking that reminds you of happy times this year, like the 1999 FA Cup semi-final, or those good old days when you were allowed to meet up with your friends without having to check the rules first? If your stocking doesn't quite deliver, we’ve got you covered with the retro range, expertly modelled by Denis Irwin here.


Get it while you can with 25% off at United Direct.

Manchester United adidas fleece
Those new jumpers that your Aunty Sue knitted are really going to keep you warm this winter, but do you fancy showing them off on your New Year video calls to your mates, or would you prefer something a bit more… cool? This cosy fleece, as modelled by Scott McTominay is available in up to a 2XL and available with 25% off exclusively from United Direct. Miss it, miss out.

Buy now at United Direct.

Training range
After Lockdown, Lockdown 2.0 AND a generous helping of mince pies and selection boxes, you may be planning on getting a bit more active in the New Year. If you fancy upping your workout game with some new training gear, you might find what you’re after in our sale, including this jacket to keep you warm on your daily walks. As an added bonus, it’s fully reversible so you can just turn it the other way if you spill your New Year's resolution smoothies on one side!

Available at United Direct with 25% for a limited time.

Still can’t decide? You can browse the whole range at United Direct and fill up your virtual Boxing Day basket to your heart's content in our sale now, and you don’t even have to get up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for hours to access it!