Victor Lindelof is on a mission with UNICEF

Monday 28 November 2022 11:41

Manchester United centre-back has been using the winter break to work alongside UNICEF, travelling to The Gambia with the charitable organisation.

The defender arrived in the West African country with his wife Maja last week and has since been to schools and hospitals to learn about the issues facing the people living there.

During his trip, Victor has been keeping a thread on his Twitter account, documenting the amazing things that he has been doing, the new information that he is taking in, and the way it makes him feel.

The first place Victor visited was St Joseph's Senior Secondary school, to learn about issues such as female genital mutilation.

After going to the school and speaking to teachers and students, Victor Tweeted: "It was so inspiring to speak to the girls there to learn about their stories.

"They are all showing amazing courage in speaking up about the issues and their missing rights. Thank you, Zita, Haja Jabbie, Ya Aisatou Badjie, Letitia Grante and everyone else for sharing your important stories and thoughts on being a young girl in The Gambia."

Following his visit to the school, the United defender and his wife went to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital. There, they spoke to mothers, doctors, nurses and UNICEF staff about the ongoing issue of malnourishment in The Gambia.

UNICEF continues to support the region and supply resources to tackle this problem. Victor updated his Twitter thread after learning about these issues at the hospital.

He said: "We also visited the EFSTH to learn more about the Maternity Ward, Inpatient Facility for malnourished children and Neo-Natal Ward. We had the opportunity to talk to mothers, doctors, nurses and UNICEF staff and learn more about UNICEF’s important contributions to the facility.

"As a father of two that’s one of the most touching experiences in my life and something which makes me incredibly proud to be a UNICEF ambassador. It was amazing to see how the contributions and support of UNICEF are helping so many mothers and young children."

Lindelof has continued to develop his understanding of these problems, and UNICEF's work to improve the lives of people in The Gambia, visiting more villages and hospitals across the week.

He also met teachers and children at Nema Basic Cycle School, where he also took part in an organised football match with pupils. After this, the United defender provided them with Manchester United shirts and footballs, signing them too.

UNICEF continues to work in The Gambia to support sustainable development, and improve the futures of the children in this region.

You can donate to UNICEF, and the work they do in The Gambia, here.