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United fan: Why I want to apologise to Fred

Tuesday 22 March 2022 07:00

In our latest episode of The Debate, Manchester United supporter John Shin issues an amusing apology to Fred and happily admits the midfielder has become a “shining light”.

Shin joins our regular panellists Wes Brown and Danny Webber, plus journalist Charlotte Duncker, to discuss the latest news around the club, including our fight to finish fourth in the Premier League, the search for a new permanent manager and United Women’s first match at Old Trafford in front of fans which you can order tickets for now

At the close of the show, which debuted on Monday night, Shin makes a point of saying sorry to Fred and explains why the Brazil international has become one of his favourite players, alongside Jadon Sancho.  

Watch it below…
Watch John Shin's brilliant apology to Fred during our latest episode of The Debate.
“I want to give a bit of an apology to Fred because I have been one of those fans who has been known to be very, very critical,” says Shin.

“I want to apologise because I think Fred has proven to us that, while the quality might not be there at times, he has the fight. 

“The fight is certainly there and especially when things are not going well, you just want to see players out there who are giving it their 110 per cent like Fred.

“As a fan, if sometimes we look like we're playing world-class football one minute and the next thing we are capitulating, it gets frustrating. But if there are players out there like Fred who show that heart and desire and passion, it’s good to see. 
“Fred isn't the biggest guy on the pitch, he's a small guy running around and sometimes you look and think 'man, what is he doing?', but just seeing Fred showing that fight and determination game after game is great.

“And now with Ralf Rangnick coming in and somehow rejuvenating this renaissance of Fred, it has just been such a pleasure to see him perform alongside Jadon Sancho, who has had the pressure leave his shoulders a bit since the start of the season. 
Fred's three goals and six assists Video

Fred's three goals and six assists

For a defensive player, Fred's attacking record is solid this season: three goals and six assists...

“Sancho looked like there was so much pressure on him to try to perform as quickly as possible. I always said Jadon just needs to get down and do his thing because the quality is there and the performances are going to come. It was just a matter of him finding that stability and consistency. 

“But especially in these dark past few weeks, Fred and Jadon Sancho have been shining lights for us Manchester United fans. If Fred is watching MUTV, I would just like to say I'm sorry and I love you.”

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