Bruno Fernandes models the 2020/21 Manchester United away shirt

How would you describe Bruno in one word?

Monday 16 November 2020 13:00

Can you describe Manchester United talisman Bruno Fernandes in one word?

That is exactly what we challenged followers of the club’s official Facebook to do on Sunday night and the responses so far sum up how popular the Portuguese magnifico has become with supporters. 

The charismatic playmaker has been a revelation since joining United from Sporting in January and currently has 18 goals from 33 appearances to this name, which is a stunning return from midfield. 

Bruno’s incredible influence on the Reds is a major talking point as the man himself stars in the latest episode of UTD Podcast, which is available to download or stream now.
Before you enjoy that feature-length interview, check out some of the love from Facebook…

Hamada Chenah = Artist
Durai Siddharthan: Captain
Kichawele Mruma = Catalyst
Alla Thoe = Engine
Kevin Chapman = Genius
Stanley Joseph: Heart
Kenny Lau: Icon
Chipo Mapulanga = Inspiration
Jayvan Khoo: Legend
Stanley Thomas: Magnifico
Favian Richman = Passionate
Zach Hadi = Undaunted

Naturally, it's quite hard to describe a player like Fernandes in just one word and many fans on Facebook can’t help but express their admiration for the Portuguese…

Kesley Shabangu: What a quality player and our best signing in years. He is simply irreplaceable. You don't get dimes like him in football these days. What a bargain!

Kandarp Brahmbhatt: Hope is the word I would use! He gives hope to millions of United fans because, when he is on the ball, he makes things happen.
UTD Podcast: The story of Bruno and Uno Video

UTD Podcast: The story of Bruno and Uno

Whether it’s playing card games with his daughter or a fun family game of bingo, our no.18 always wants to win…

Arinze Anthony: Words to describe Bruno? Manchester, Portuguese magnifico, maestro, leader, engine and lots more. He is a complete midfielder.

Chinenye Nwachukwu: He is a smart and brilliant footballer who is dedicated to both club and country. He can't be described in one word because he has so many good qualities.

Dinkayehu Teshome: One word is not enough to describe him but if you want one then he is our ‘engine’.

Saiful Babor: Without any doubt, he is the most important player for Man United.

Bruno Fernandes's UTD Podcast is available to stream or download here now.

UTD Podcast with Bruno Fernandes: