Diogo Dalot.

Dalot on Bruno, Ronaldo and that night in Paris

Wednesday 03 June 2020 19:00

Fans from across the globe have submitted their questions for rising Manchester United star Diogo Dalot, and the Portuguese full-back spoke with MUTV's Stewart Gardner to take on the best of them.

Enjoy a transcript of the full Q&A below...
Do you prefer playing in an attacking position or a defensive one? From @jishnuleon

"Now I prefer to play at the back. Right-back is my position, it’s where I feel more comfortable. It’s where I want to be and where I want to build my career. I’m enjoying playing there and I want to be the best player that I can in that position."
Dalot answers your questions Video

Dalot answers your questions

Diogo Dalot took some time out to tackle topics like Bruno, playing at Old Trafford and his goals for next season…

Which kit is your favourite this year? From @_sai_karteek_
"From this year? I like the black one, the third [strip]. It’s unbelievable. But the red is always special and, this year, it’s special because it’s related to ’99, because it’s the year I was born. It’s always special, the red one, but the black is different and I love that, yeah."
Who is the funniest in the dressing room? From @utcnturk07
"We have a couple. I would say Eric [Bailly] and Daniel James, maybe. And Jesse [Lingard]. Those three. For me, that’s the top three. [Dan always seems quite shy?] No. If he starts dancing, you will see, mate!"
Who was your idol growing up? From @a1.snm13
"Cristiano [Ronaldo]. I’ve said that many times. I think there’s not a lot more to talk about. He’s an example and he showed everyone how good he is. For me, he’s been a role model since the beginning."
How do you feel when you play at the Theatre of Dreams? From @emirpirke11
"It’s something that you’re only going to feel when you play. I’ve said this a couple of times as well. When you walk through that tunnel and you see the way the fans receive you when you walk on the pitch, it’s something that you will never forget. It’s an amazing feeling and unique and you’re only going to feel it when you’re there, yeah."
Step-overs or nutmegs, which one? From @sumukhsuresh7
"Step-overs, no doubt! I love them. For me, it’s the signature move. Always, step-overs! I like a nutmeg! I can’t do much, just step-overs, I do [them] at breakfast, mate. Nutmegs is difficult. My signature move, yeah."
How did you feel when Bruno arrived? From @a_alansariq8
"It was very good. I think it was more something that helped me a lot as well, when you have a Portuguese guy that you know as well, in your team, sharing all the moments that you shared with the other ones but now a friend. It’s fantastic to have him there and more of that feeling that he’s a very good player for the team and for the club. That makes me happy the most and it’s unbelievable for me and for everybody."

My Home Country: Diogo Dalot


On the first anniversary of his arrival, the defender gives us the lowdown on his beloved Portugal.

What was ‘that night in Paris’ like? From @karigallen.t
"It was magic, mate! Everyone that was there, I think they felt it in different ways, but everyone felt the same about the moment, how unique and fantastic it was to be part of such a magic night. More that that, I think it was going against all the odds, winning that game with very young players there. I think it was a moment that I’ll never forget and it was good to be part of such an important game for the history of the club."
What do you want to achieve next season? From @louis_chlz
"Most of all, it’s to be better every season. Every football player builds their career season by season and, when you look back and you see you’re progressing every season, I think that’s the goal. Next season, I want to be a better player, [a] more grown player as well. Play better, that’s the goal. Especially if we can do that by winning trophies at the end – that’s the top of the world. I think we have all the conditions to go next season, or first finish this season with some trophies. And, then, finish next season fighting for more trophies because that’s what this club is about."