Watch this to get a first touch like Berbatov!

Monday 19 July 2021 14:10

Have you ever wanted a first touch like Manchester United legend Dimitar Berbatov? Well, now you can, thanks to an incredible tutorial that he has shared on Instagram.

The charismatic Bulgarian scored hundreds of goals throughout his illustrious playing career with teams that included Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur and, of course, Sir Alex Ferguson’s Reds, yet he is still perhaps best known for having one of the softest touches in the game. 

Berba made everything look so effortless: whether it was controlling a high ball with minimal fuss, beating his marker with intelligent footwork, or spraying it onto a postage stamp with unerring precision. 

Dimitar was a genius when it came to controlling the ball and the former United favourite is keen to share his skills with you. Here’s the best part about it: you don’t need expensive equipment, the latest footwear, or an innovative ball. 

As a bare-footed Berbatov explains in a video uploaded to his official Instagram account, you just need time and two very simple items...
Get a first touch like Berba by watching his Instagram tutorial, featuring a trick on his unsuspecting daughter.
“Sometimes all you need is a ball and a wall,” writes Dimi in the caption. “Especially if you are a kid or still young football player, sometimes the most simple exercises are the most effective. 

“And even if you are a pro, sometimes you need to go back to the old-school way of training. And down the road you will see the difference... Trust me, I lived it.”
Berbatov’s video is one you must watch with the sound up, because our former striker has narrated it with a typically dry and witty commentary. 

“Alright people, I have finally found the time to do this type of video and show it to you because many of you are asking, ‘Berbatov, how can I improve my first touch?’,” he says. “So here it is: it's as simple as that – you need a ball and a wall. 

“Then you train your balance, ability, agility, reaction time, technique, your touch and just everything you need in football. Also, I wanted you to see this, because not everything is perfect all the time. I have a couple of bad touches here as well. But the important thing is that after that, straight away, I know how to react and make it look good. 

“In football it is important to know, in every type of situation, what type of first touch to use. After that, as you can see, I am 40 and I am dead [laughs]. Train your touch, people. See you later.”
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