Mickey T shares a positive update on his health

Wednesday 10 November 2021 12:19

Everybody at Manchester United is delighted to learn that Mickey Thomas is now free of cancer, as our much-loved former player confirmed in a message to supporters on Wednesday morning.

The energetic Welshman scored 15 goals in 110 appearances in three seasons as a Red between 1978 and 1981, and he became a firm fans’ favourite in the process. 

Mickey T, as he is affectionately known, has since become a popular presence on MUTV and within the hospitality suites at Old Trafford. He has also proudly represented the club in an ambassadorial manner.

Thomas was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2019 and underwent surgery a few months later, which was understandably the most challenging period in his life to date.

Mickey’s procedure was a success and he went on to make a full recovery within a year, while remaining under the watchful eyes of doctors.

Now, in a tweet to his followers, Mickey has confirmed he is free of cancer and the news is being embraced all over social media. 



Mickey’s battle with cancer was documented in an emotional edition of UTD Unscripted last year and, within that candid long read, Thomas explained how football had helped him. “The reaction I've had, from inside and outside football, has been incredible,” he said.

“Sir Alex Ferguson’s phoning me and texting me and wishing me well and telling me I’m strong enough. Everyone, from Chelsea to Stoke, all the teams I’ve played for. I had letters off them. Ed Woodward, I had letters off him saying everyone is behind you and that gives you a massive lift. I didn’t realise how well liked I was!

“Honestly, I had letters from all over America, Australia, people phoning me up from everywhere. Incredible. Even today, wherever I go. I get stopped every two or three yards by people coming to me and saying: “You’re an inspiration.” I don’t know why! But it’s really warming, that.
“Manchester United have been absolutely amazing. They give me the biggest lift that I could possibly want. I know it might seem nothing to some people, but to go to a game, and see people there – I'm thankful for that. Coming to the home games and meeting up with players, it’s great. I go home after and I feel 10 feet tall – even though I’m a midget!

“I just want to get back to being me again, if I can. I want to be confident again. You know, I’ve lost a lot of confidence, of course I have. It’s something that is a big thing, people die from different things but cancer is massive. So many people have got it and when it actually comes in your direction, you find out how difficult it can be.

“I say my prayers every night anyway, but in the back of my mind I’m still thinking: am I going to be here tomorrow? Is something going to happen while I’m sleeping? Am I going to wake up? That’s what I get scared of at the moment and I’ve got to try and get out of that.

“I’m happy with the way my progress is going, in general. Everything has to be day-by-day now. I’m not sure what tomorrow brings for me, but I’m thankful for today.”

UTD Unscripted: The fight of my life


This powerful long read comes from the ever-popular Mickey Thomas, who remains upbeat in his recovery from cancer.