Four great moments from The Overlap with Becks

Thursday 09 June 2022 16:45

David Beckham is the latest star guest in Gary Neville’s YouTube series The Overlap and, to tease a big interview that is coming soon, United’s former no.7 has answered 29 quickfire questions.

Becks and G. Nev enjoyed a world-class partnership on the right wing for both club and country, and the Academy graduates became best friends off the pitch along the way, so their natural connection is obvious to see in this light-hearted conversation that is recommended viewing for all Reds supporters. 

Much of their conversation is Gary putting lifestyle questions to David and we learn more about the latter’s favourites, including Only Fools and Horses, the Stone Roses, Tuscany, tattoos, coffee, pie and mash and, naturally, the Spice Girls. You can watch it via the link in Gary Neville’s tweet below. 

For a deeper dive, scroll down to read four of our favourite moments…



When asked to name the best hairstyle he’s ever had, Becks looks back on his legendary catalogue of cuts and opts for the most basic of them all: “Apart from this one [pointing to current hairdo] I always like the skinhead, I always loved the skinhead, because it was easy and you didn't have to do anything with it,” he says.

The best bit is when he’s pressed further on the style that caused the most controversy, saying “you tell me” with a knowing look, before continuing to explain a now infamous cut as a Red. 

“It was probably the mohawk. It lasted until the gaffer saw it and then it had to go! He made me shave it in the changing room. The mohawk and probably the corn rows. Do you remember, [when we met] Nelson Mandela? I had those done in the south of France when I'd had a glass of rose.”

Although he adores Manchester, the Leytonstone-born hero doesn’t hesitate when asked to name his favourite city and he even gives G. Nev a bit of stick for his previous comments, pointing out he and the Class of ’92 lads have all changed their tunes about the capital. “London. Of course! 

“It's why you spend so much time down there now. All of you lot used to hate it - [you used to say] 'Oh London, east London, Cockneys, flash Cockneys'... You're all down there now! 'Oh can you book me a restaurant?' Butty texted me the other day, 'Becks can you get me in this restaurant?'” 

In response, Gary admits David’s links are useful: “What's the best thing about being friends with David Beckham? You always get a seat in a restaurant. It's incredible, the contacts are incredible!”
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“I just love everything about basketball - the entertainment side and they're real athletes,” admits Becks, who goes on to pay tribute to his favourite player, the late Kobe Bryant. “I was in LA at a time when he was unbelievable. He was always unbelievable, but with the championships that they were winning at that time, the rivalry between Lakers and the Celtics, Kobe was just a different animal. 

“We grew up with the idea that when you watch a sporting event, you stay there until the last second and until that whistle goes. I was the same at basketball games. People hated going with me to a basketball game because, normally, if the game is done with two minutes to go, you get up and leave. I stayed there to watch Kobe walk off that court because he was just an unbelievable athlete, an unbelievable person and just the best.”
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After identifying Bryan Robson as his childhood hero, Becks is asked which former player he wished he’d played alongside and his answer comes in an instant: “Bobby Charlton,” he states “He was my dad's hero and it's why my middle name is Robert. I went to the Bobby Charlton Soccer School and I would have loved to have played with him.”