Fans are united in praise for Cavani’s classy gesture

Friday 03 September 2021 09:33

Just when you thought Edinson Cavani couldn’t be more popular, the Manchester United striker produced a classy gesture that has fans around the world singing his praises.

It was confirmed on Thursday night that Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the iconic no.7 shirt during his second spell at the club, after El Matador had graciously allowed his new team-mate and fellow football legend to take it on. 

Cavani has adopted the number he proudly wears for his beloved Uruguay– 21 – following the departure of its former owner Daniel James to Leeds United

The news of Edinson’s selfless act has been met by a wave of appreciation, including Cristiano himself. “I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to have the number seven shirt again,” said Ronaldo in a statement. “So I would like to say a huge thank you to Edi for this incredible gesture.”

The love for Cavani is unmissable across our social-media accounts and, here, you can read a mix of trending comments from a forum on our official Facebook page
Ong Benjamin: “Cavani is a man of honour for his generosity in this. All hail Cavani!”

Martin Roussel: “Thank you Edinson for this, you are a true professional and I am so proud you are a part of United right now.”

Eoin Lambert: “Mutual respect from two of the best goalscorers and professionals that have ever played the game. Very few still produce the way they do at that age after such careers. Legends!”

Jay Brooker: “Cavani shows pure class on and off the field!”
Rick Stewart: “I didn't know much of Edi before he joined United, but after the way he's played and this awesome decision, he's gone right to the top for me. It is great to have Ronny back in the no.7 shirt. Viva Ronaldo!”

Delmarie Rochelle Brandt: “What a gesture by a great player and Cristiano is grateful. We are all grateful as fans!”

Jane Penninck: “I love Cavani, what a super man he is, he did so good for us last year, worked very hard for the team, I hope he has a great season ahead and lots of game time too.”

Nick Hudson: “Absolutely amazing, what a gesture. That is true respect and teamwork.”

Ryan Michael Browne: “We are so lucky to have both these guys playing for us! Amazing professionals and born winners. Excited for the season ahead!”

Sabastine Smith: “Respect to Cavani for his humility, understanding and great maturity.”

Ali Shehu: “Thank you El Matador, you had already broken the no.7 curse even before Ronaldo returned and this we will never forget. With Cavani as 21, guess what? Maybe title 21 is coming as it did with RVP20.”

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