Cavani recruits his daughter... as a trainer!

Tuesday 30 March 2021 20:25

Working from home is a concept that many of us have grown accustomed to over the last year and Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani is no different, judging by his latest Instagram post.

Strength and conditioning is a massive part of the 34-year-old’s game and he is meticulous in his preparation, both at the Aon Training Complex and also at home. 

As anyone with a young family knows, the ability to multi-task is vital and Edinson has seemingly recruited his child as a personal trainer – judging by the video he uploaded to social media at the weekend. 

Cavani can be seen working on his core in the plank position, with his excited young daughter sat on his back, before dropping into the press-up position for a strenuous set of 10.

The footage proceeds to show Edi on a treadmill, jogging at pace, while watched by his little girl who appears to have a career as a fitness coach ahead! 

Check out the adorable video below…
Edi shared this adorable footage of a home workout with his young daughter.

Edinson is currently appearing on the cover of Inside United magazine and readers can enjoy an exclusive interview with the 34-year-old, all about his storied life and career so far. 

El Matador begins by reflecting on his childhood years in a wide-ranging conversation with our reporter Steve Bartram, telling him that he never envisaged such a legendary career in football.  

“I think that when you are young and just a kid, you never really have much time to think and reflect,”
 he says. 
“When you’re a child, all you think about is having fun and enjoying yourself, you just think about the present and enjoying the moment. 

“You live from day to day. You don’t give so much thought to things like that, I think that comes a bit more with age, when you get to around 13, 14 or 15 years old. That’s when you start to think about and have an understanding of certain things. Which then allows you to dream and to have a desire to achieve things, to really want to be able to make it through to play at this level. I never honestly hoped to be like such-and-such a player. 
“What I did do was watch players like Gabriel Batistuta and other strikers, in order to learn. But what I really wanted most at that age – as I began to understand a little better about just what football meant to me, and the passion that I had for it – was to be able to make it as an elite footballer. 

“Playing at this elite level of the game meant coming to play over in Europe and representing one of the top clubs. So your career gets under way and little by little you begin to discover and become part of the world of professional football.

“You start to learn and develop and discover what it’s all about, and begin to enjoy moments of the kind that maybe only the Lord himself knows why he creates such circumstances and life opportunities for you.”

Read the full interview with Cavani in Inside United, available now from