Four big opinions on our fight for fourth

Tuesday 22 March 2022 15:26

This week's episode of The Debate focuses heavily on Manchester United's season run-in and the fight to finish in fourth place.

Such a position is never the true aim at Old Trafford, but right now it's the short-term objective and everybody is determined to make it happen. 

Ralf Rangnick's men are currently in sixth place, one point behind Tottenham Hotspur and four below Arsenal, who also have a game in hand.

In case you didn't know, these are our remaining fixtures: 

Sat 2 Apr – Leicester City (H)
Sat 9 Apr – Everton (A)
Sat 16 Apr – Norwich City (H)
Tue 19 Apr – LIVERPOOL (A)
Sat 23 Apr – ARSENAL (A)
Mon 2 May – Brentford (H)
Sat 7 May – Brighton (A)
Sun 15 May – CHELSEA (H)
Sun 22 May – Crystal Palace (A)

So what does our Debate panel think of the run-in? Read four big opinions here...

The Debate | We must put pressure on Arsenal Video

The Debate | We must put pressure on Arsenal

How many wins do we need for fourth - seven, eight or nine? Danny Webber, Wes Brown and Charlotte Duncker discuss...


John Shin: “If there are any words to describe that feeling when you go out of the Champions League and you look at the rest of the season, it's like a sinking feeling in your stomach. Just the fact that we have to sit here in March and think what else we can do here. 

“The race for the top four is obviously the only real challenge that we have left and I feel like every game going forward has to be like a final, or a title fight. Every game going forward, we have to get a result no matter what and hope that the teams around us fall under pressure. 

“It's not a great feeling, I am going to be completely honest with you, knowing that our fate and destiny is left in the hands of these other teams around us, but it's something to look forward to, it's something to keep backing the boys and that's how I'm looking forward. I'm one of those guys who always tries to stay as positive as possible.

“Positivity is just a matter of perspective. If I see Manchester United scoring goals, Cristiano Ronaldo doing his thing, Jadon Sancho doing his thing, sparks of positivity, Fred continuing to do well, that is more than enough for me going forward, I really think so. If we can get the top-four position over these rivals, like a Chelsea or Arsenal, if we can get that edge over them and have players doing well, I could end the season at least with my hands up, saying 'thank goodness'.”


Danny Webber:
“I think we do need to win seven or eight out of nine. We have got Liverpool and some tough games, but those aren't the games I am worried about. It is the other ‘lesser’ games where we have dropped points and become disappointed because we haven't taken them. But we have to win each one at a time because Arsenal are flying. They are the one where, if you allow them to get out of reach, I think you are in trouble.”


Wes Brown: “It is tough. We have struggled now for a few years and we have got to suck it up, it is as simple as that. As long as the lads understand where we are and put the effort in... I look at the team sheet every single week and I think ‘we can do this’. But for the last two months there have been games that we realistically should have won, especially where we were sitting at a time when we had games in hand as well. We should have been okay, but it has just not gone to plan at all, we have drawn too many, we have not necessarily played well for the 90 minutes and that has more than hampered us this season, having a good half and a bad half. As a fan, it is hard to understand how that can happen, how we can be really good one half and completely the opposite in the next. Ultimately that shows in the league with where we stand and ultimately we have got to do better. There just hasn't been the consistency and other teams now are in the driving seat, it's as simple as that, so we've got to step it up, stay with them and put the pressure back on them.”

The Debate | 'Fred, I'm sorry, I love you!' Video

The Debate | 'Fred, I'm sorry, I love you!'

US-based Red John Shin closed The Debate with this brilliant tribute to Fred...


Charlotte Duncker:
“I think the thing with Arsenal is that everyone has seen them crumble under pressure in the past. United need to go there and win. If they go there and win, and Arsenal don't win their other game in hand, there is one point in it. One big win at the Emirates Stadium and the pressure goes on Arsenal, and everyone has seen them crumble in the past.”

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