Under-23s in Scotland.

Premier League 2 fixture list

Monday 26 July 2021 14:59

Manchester United's Under-23s will kick off the Premier League 2 season with a home game against Leicester City.

Lead coach Neil Wood's side then travel south to Chelsea's Stamford Bridge for the opening game on the road, once the campaign gets under way in mid-August.

The final fixture of 2021/22 is a certainly an interesting one - away to Liverpool on the first day of May.

Lead coach Neil Wood looks on with Alvaro Fernandez in the foreground.

All players born after 1 January 1998 are eligible to play and each team can field a goalkeeper and up to three over-age outfield players.

At least three league matches must be staged at Old Trafford over the course of the season with training grounds permitted to host up to three games as well. United will continue to play the majority of our home fixtures at Leigh Sports Village.


15: Leicester City (H) 14:00 BST
20: Chelsea (A)
27: Manchester City (H)


11: Arsenal (A) 13:00 BST
17: Brighton (H) 
24: Everton (A)

Charlie McCann takes part in the pre-season training in Scotland.


1: Liverpool (H)
15: Blackburn (H)
22: West Ham (A)


1: Tottenham (A)
5: Leeds (H)
22: Derby County (A)
26: Crystal Palace (H)


6: Blackburn (A)
17: Chelsea (H)


10: Tottenham (H)
14: Manchester City (A)
21: Brighton (A)


4: West Ham (H)
21: Crystal Palace (A)
25: Derby (H)


14: Leeds (A)
18: Everton (H)

Martin Svidersky will hope to be regularly involved after moving up from the Under-18s.


4: Leicester City (A)
22: Arsenal (H)


1: Liverpool (A) 14:00 BST

Fixtures kick off at 19:00 unless otherwise stated and all are subject to change.