Why Naalsund is living her best life at United

Thursday 08 February 2024 17:00

Manchester United Women midfielder Lisa Naalsund says she feels like she is living her best life by representing the Reds.

The Norwegian joined the club towards the end of January 2023 and has recently completed her first 12 months in Manchester.

In a new episode of our TeamViewer Diaries interview series, Naalsund explains she is feeling settled in the UK, after making the move, the first of her career away from her homeland.

TeamViewer Diaries: Lisa Naalsund Video

TeamViewer Diaries: Lisa Naalsund

TeamViewer Diaries | Lisa Naalsund on feeling at home as a Red, midfield traits and Millie Turner's English lessons...

“I feel like I’m living my best life now, I didn’t know I would be so happy here,” our no.16 says about being a United player.

“But I really enjoy it and I feel really lucky to be here.”

Lisa won the Norwegian top-flight with former club Brann before singing for the Reds midway through our previous campaign.

She made her debut in last March’s 3-1 win away to Lewes in the quarter-final of the FA Cup, although her big day was unfortunately cut short due to injury.

Withdrawn in the first half, the 28-year-old was limited to just one further appearance in 2022/23, but she has tallied up 14 matches for the Reds so far in her first full season at the club.

Our no.16 discusses the importance of developing rhythm on the pitch with her team-mates, during her visit to the TeamViewer diary room.

“It has been really nice. It’s nice to feel like you’re getting into the team, getting to know how they play and getting to know how to play with the different players we have on the team which are great players,” Naalsund adds.

“I’m always looking forward to going to training because it’s nice people, really good players and I think we get along, the whole squad, it’s a really nice group of players.

“I feel like the whole squad feel like they’re getting better, so I think we’re positive and always trying to push ourselves.”

A box-to-box midfielder, the Norwegian is part of a multitalented midfield group at United, and she is relishing the opportunity to garner knowledge from her positional counterparts on a day-to-day basis.

“None of us are the same type of player. So I feel like I can learn a lot from Zel’s [Katie Zelem’s] calm and passing, and just the leader type she is, for example.

“[Ella] Tooney, I can’t dribble like her, but she has a nice look [vision] for the game, Hayley [Ladd I can learn from] the warrior she is in the midfield.

“I feel like if you combine every quality of everyone in the midfield, we’d be like one super midfielder!”

See more from Lisa in a new episode of our exclusive TeamViewer Diaries series – watch here.

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