German Reds celebrate anniversary at Old Trafford

Wednesday 21 February 2024 06:00

Last year, Manchester United's official supporters' club in Germany celebrated its 40-year anniversary. To mark the occasion, the branch was invited to attend the recent 3-0 win over West Ham United as special guests.

It's been quite a journey for the group, which started life as the Kreyfeld Reds back in 1983.

In the 21st century, it became our official German branch, changing its name to United Devils Germany, after merging with members of another pre-existing fan group within the country.

Ahead of the visit to Old Trafford – where a delegation from the supporters' club enjoyed a pitchside reception with four-time Premier League winner Gary Pallister – chairman John McFayden explained that there was a general fascination with English football in Germany, even with the strength of the native Bundesliga.
Forty years for our German Supporters' Club Video

Forty years for our German Supporters' Club

Zarah Connolly welcomes our German Supporters' club to Old Trafford, as they celebrate their 40th anniversary...

“The German approach to German football is totally different. But the German approach to English football... yeah, they're very interested,” said John, who now lives back in the UK, following a stint with the military out in Germany.

“It's very much a kudos thing to say: ‘I’m a member of Manchester United and a member of the official supporters' club.’ We've got members that I've never met before, but they've signed up to be Manchester United members. There's still a few military out there, but most of the new members are German.”

John joined the group in 1995, and has enjoyed many memorable trips with the supporters' club, not least for the 1999 Champions League final, where the German Reds enjoyed winding up opposition fans with a few songs extolling the virtues of Bayern's local rivals 1860 Munich.

“We got a bit of banter going with the Bayern fans and agreed that we'd meet back in the same bar afterwards, whoever won,” John smiles. “They took it [the result] well. Obviously they were a bit gutted... But it was taken in a very sporting way.
“The German Reds would always travel together to European aways. Being military, I was able to get minibuses and things like that at very competitive rates!”
Gary Pallister gets to know members of our German supporters' club.

Despite residing in the UK, McFadyen is determined to keep the group going, and says new members from different backgrounds are joining all the time.

“I've every intention of keeping it going for as long as I keep going,” he stresses.

“The Germans are just true football fans. When they come over, when we've got two or three games in close proximity, they'll do a 10-day stay. They'll come across, they'll do two or three weeks and they will go and watch any football match that they can get to in that two or three weeks. They'll tick off the grounds.

“We've started to get more Indian people coming into the group too, which is good. They've moved to Germany, they are United fans. We have some from the Swiss side of the border too.”

To all members of MUSC Germany... Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

For an in-depth interview with the German supporters' club, check out the latest issue of Inside United, our official club magazine.

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