Skinner: The FA Cup now has a history like the men's

Monday 13 May 2024 14:47

As the final whistle blew, Manchester United Women’s manager Marc Skinner said he took the time to be ‘present in the moment’ as we were crowned Adobe Women’s FA Cup winners.

The Reds beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 at Wembley to make history for the club and the celebrations were in full swing at the end of the game.

Ella Toone, Rachel Williams and Lucia Garcia (2) provided the goals for United as we put the pain of last year’s final behind us. 

A long time after the final whistle, Skinner spoke to the press about the result, his players – and why one item of clothing was definitely the wrong choice in the heat!

Staff celebrating the win at Wembley.


“Before you ask, yes, I'm hot in the turtleneck, I am hot. It was a bad choice. I agree, it's a bad choice.


“I felt that we were in a really good space. I felt that our players were ready. I felt that they didn't overhype it. They felt like it was a business – a job to do. I want to give Tottenham a lot of credit for the run that they've had, the season that they've had and, if they use it like we had to use it last year, then it will only serve them for future successes, I'm sure. So congratulations to them.

“For us, I think we, we fast forward far too many times beyond the moment for the next thing, the next thing, the next thing but, actually, it feels really nice to be present. I had a chat with Nick Cox, Head of the Academy, yesterday, and he spoke about being present. And, for me, I feel like I'm present in this moment, and I feel like it's a moment to enjoy.”


“The FA Cup has now got the history like the men's in terms of a plasterer scores a winner. She's a fantastic character. I wanted to start the game fast. I wanted to make sure Tottenham couldn't get rhythm and Rachel will chase them, put her body on the line for everything. With Lucia and Leah, I felt that we could start that way. I knew the game was going to finish differently, but I wanted to disrupt their rhythm because, once they play, Tottenham are a good team. I thought we did that.

“For her [Williams], she should have scored in the first half. If we're being critical! She's a fantastic human, more importantly than a footballer. I hope she goes down as an iconic player for Manchester United. Do you remember all that rubbish we got when we signed her? Yeah, well she's turned that around hasn't she? She's a fantastic person. And the there's obviously a really great story for Tooney for her goal and what it means. But, for Rachel Williams, it's another FA Cup story and I'm really proud of her. That was amazing.”

Celebrating in style!


“Iconic, iconic moment, iconic player, iconic club. I think those are those are springboards. You should use time like there's a disappointment of last year but we have to use that springboard to make sure this isn't a one-off. And we have to compete better in the league on a consistent basis for us to be up there again and I believe that we will do that. This has to be the impetus and springboard for us to know now that we can deliver success for this fantastic club.

“In between media, I saw them having the photos - the players from the inception - and I felt that it's just special moments. You forget those narratives, right? You forget those little storylines, the Rachel Williams storyline, like it's the Ella Toone, the iconic number seven for Manchester United, and then you realise all the hard work that goes behind the scenes and the people that have been here that win the Championship and now added a moment of history for the club. And it feels special and they should. They deserve it.”

Ella Toone celebrates at full-time


"I learned a lot about the mental resilience that you need. You can't be at Manchester United if you are weak in the mind. We have to deliver. We have to deliver trophies for an expectant fanbase that are supporters, the best in the world, and that's a pressure of privilege. Today, we've done that. There's so much more to come. I'm learning lots about myself every day. My assistant at Birmingham said to me remember what it felt like seven years ago at Birmingham, when I said it was the loneliest place I've ever been when we were 4-1 down, and on that touchline and he said just take a moment to feel it.

"If you look at me towards the end of the game [today], the last couple of minutes, only the last couple of minutes, I just sat quiet and I felt and I stayed present and that's like, it's a general life lesson that we just fast forward things too quickly and sometimes just spend the time looking at people, being part of the experience. And I'm so proud of all of the players today because they only do it to bring success to this fantastic club."

Taking it all in.


“There were held-back tears just because it was like a feeling of emotion that it's one of them where something hits you and you're just like, I know what I should react like, but it just hit me. It was a nice moment. It was. It's something that I'll share with my family later. I'll make sure my five-year-old gets this winner's medal because I got stick for throwing the last one away last year but we want gold here, not silver.

“We've created history and I've got to live in that moment. I believe in myself fully. I'm still only a baby in terms of my career, so I've got lots and lots to achieve in this game but, from my perspective, I feel the club are in fantastic hands and, and, hopefully, I'm here to be able to do that and push forward with them.”


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