Rashford: Erik just wants to win trophies

Thursday 03 August 2023 12:19

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has insisted manager Erik ten Hag's priority from day one has always been centred around winning trophies.

The Reds secured Carabao Cup success last season, beating Newcastle United 2-0 back in February's final at Wembley, while also reaching the Emirates FA Cup final, despite suffering an eventual 2-1 defeat to crosstown rivals Manchester City.

With United set to compete on four fronts once again thanks to our involvement in the UEFA Champions League in 2023/24, our no.10 spoke to Gary Neville on the newest episode of The Overlap, as he provided a detailed insight into Erik's demands as a manager.
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When quizzed by Neville on how Ten Hag first set out his stall as boss, Rashy replied: "When he came in, I didn't hear him speak about getting in the top four once, he just wanted to win trophies.

"If you've got that mentality, I've always been around people that have that mentality. He said it doesn’t matter what we're playing in, the Europa League or Premier League, any of the cup trophies. He wanted to try to win everything.

"Listen, the players, we give it everything required. We let ourselves down definitely in the Europa League and I feel like, in the league, there was a period where we weren’t defending as well and we stopped scoring as many goals as we were scoring. So that's something that I'll definitely want to correct for this season."

With the Dutchman soon set to begin his second season at the helm in M16, Marcus says the Reds had to deal with some really low points along the way in 2022/23, none more so than our away defeats to Manchester City and Liverpool in the Premier League.

But it was the belief shown by Ten Hag in his players that allowed United to bounce back, with Rashford explaining how tough times only brought the best out of each other across the entire squad.

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"It's sometimes not easy to recover but, here, throughout whatever time we had after a bad result, he [Erik] would give us confidence again," added Marcus.

"He would remind us sometimes that, listen, you are down, but you wouldn't be here if you weren't good players. I'm not one to need that all the time. But there are times after games like that, just a reminder like this next game, you're going to do it and he always give us that full confidence and support."
The England international also explained how nice it was for the Reds to secure a trophy during a positive season, helping to give something back to our loyal supporters.

"We managed to get a trophy over the line, which is always important, not only for the players but for the fans and the culture of Man United," he added.

"It's always been about winning trophies and it's good to get back to that because it's been a few years since we have."