Marcus Rashford

Rashford issues statement to fans

Wednesday 16 March 2022 19:00

Marcus Rashford has used social media to address a situation that occurred following Manchester United's Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford.

The Reds forward reported he had been verbally abused as he left the stadium, and revealed he has recently been receiving online abuse and taunts.

Speaking from the heart, Rashford published the following statement on Twitter:

"There are 2 sides to every story. A video can paint a thousand words and in this case lead to inaccurate info being shared on social media. Guys for weeks I've been heckled, threatened, questioned and last night my emotion got the better of me. I'm a human being. Reading and hearing that stuff about yourself every day it wears you down. No one is more critical of my performance than me.

"But what you see in this video lacks context. I had been heckled from the minute I stepped foot outside the ground, abuse not just aimed at my football. People were looking for a reaction from me. Phones were at the ready. Of course I should have walked straight past and ignored it, that's what we're supposed to do right?

"I want to clarify 2 things. The first being what I actually said to the man throwing abuse at me which was "come over here and say it to my face" (a fact security can back up) and secondly, the fact I used my forefinger to direct the fan to 'come over and say it to my face.' I did not gesture with my middle finger.

"I'm not entitled. This isn't ego. I'm upset. I'm disappointed. And in that moment it was silly but I was being human."