Marcus Rashford.

UTD Podcast: Why Marcus used to sit at home crying

Monday 21 December 2020 14:32

This is Marcus Rashford's sixth season as a first-team player at Manchester United and, even though his Academy days are now more than half a decade behind him, he will never forget the support he had from the club during his crucial development years.

In a brilliant episode of UTD Podcast that is available to stream from 17:00 GMT, the homegrown hero reflects on his rise through the ranks and occasions when personal circumstances were tough. 

“I’m going back to the very beginning here but Eamon Mulvey, Tony Whelan, Dave Bushell – without those guys I would never have managed to get through, it was just impossible,” explains Marcus.

“There were a few times when I would miss training because my mum had worked late, my brothers were working and my sisters both had babies, so there was just no way of me getting there.
Watch as Marcus pays tribute to the coaches who helped him to train at United as a child.

“I remember missing training a few times and I just used to sit at home crying,” Rashford continues in an emotional moment of his UTD Podcast.

“I used to always stop [crying] before my mum came home from work but one time she came home early and caught me crying in the front room.

“When I told her why, she said to United, ‘We are going to need some form of help’, in order for me to get there.

“They are the people who got drivers for me. They made it possible that I could get to training. As a kid that was all that I wanted. This was at eight, nine years old. 

“So, [without that support] I wouldn’t have even got to the situation of moving into digs [as an Academy player]. I wouldn’t have been there. I would have been doing something else.”

You can hear much more from Marcus when his UTD Podcast is released at 17:00 GMT.

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