Marcus Rashford.

Rashford: I know where help is needed

Wednesday 22 December 2021 07:00

Marcus Rashford has revealed he has always been driven by a desire to help those in need.

The Manchester United forward has come a long way since bursting onto the first-team scene in 2016 and continues to be an outstanding role model.

After being awarded an MBE in 2020, in recognition of his efforts in campaigning to support vulnerable children, he picked up an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Manchester in October.

It is clear that his passion to help others was in his make-up, even during his own childhood.

Marcus is a 'top human being' Video

Marcus is a 'top human being'

Youth coach Eamon Mulvey recounts Rashford's story with a little help from the man himself...

"I grew up in these places," he told Premier League Productions. "For example, when I went to training, when I was maybe seven, on the way, I'd meet so many homeless people.

"I used to give them a packet of crisps or whatever I had in my packed lunch for training. I'd just give them that. I know where help is needed and I'm showing people who should already know where help is needed.

"I want to do it the right way. People speak about donations but, eventually, donations will stop. Whereas, if you create a system that can help and support these children through a certain part of their lives, the early stages of their lives, I think that's more than possible.

"I don't see why we can't do that."

Marcus also admits that, on the field, he gets a buzz from watching fellow Academy youngsters making their breakthrough at the club.

Charlie Savage and Zidane Iqbal made their debuts in the recent Champions League tie with Young Boys, along with Tom Heaton, who just had to wait somewhat longer for his big moment for the Reds!

"I was once in their shoes and it makes me happy when I see them [the young players] coning up and starting that training with us," added Rashford. "When they get games, it's a great feeling for me to watch them do it."