Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo's reaction has been perfect

Wednesday 01 December 2021 22:30

Manchester United caretaker manager Michael Carrick has set the record straight regarding Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction to starting the Chelsea game on the bench.

The Reds' no.7 was also a substitute for the 1-1 draw with Everton at Old Trafford, in October, but there appears to be a media furore if he is rested for any particular fixture.

Although that may come with the territory when having such a high-profile player, Carrick stresses some of the talk could not be wider of the mark as he also addressed claims one of the game's greats may not suit a high-pressing style if interim boss Ralf Rangnick decides to employ one here.

United v Arsenal: Press conference part two Video

United v Arsenal: Press conference part two

The second half of Carrick's press conference is packed with chat about Rangnick, Fletcher, Ronaldo and injuries...

"I’ve said before, I think there are a lot of things you’ve got to take into consideration when you’re making the decision on picking the team," stated Carrick. "Yeah, some players bring things to a team, other players bring other things to a team, there’s fitness, there’s tiredness, there’s freshness, there’s tactics, personality and characters within that.

"I mean it seems like it’s a big thing or a big decision but, really between us, and me personally, it wasn’t. I think you could ask Cristiano, the way he responded was perfection really, around the dressing room he was incredible, he supported the players.

"At half-time, I went in to give the half-time team talk and he was warming up for 10 minutes with Chas [Charlie Owen], ready to come on in the second half. I think a lot can be made of it and trying to spin it in a negative way at times but actually, behind the scenes, the reality is very different."

Ronaldo has been excellent for the Reds since returning to the club, winning the overall Player of the Month prize in the Premier League in his first month here and landing the September and October monthly awards for United.

The forward has 10 goals in all competitions and will be out to deliver the goods against Arsenal on Thursday night.

With Rangnick set to take over the helm, it was suggested to Carrick that there is a myth Ronaldo cannot play in a team that presses all the time.

"You just said it’s a myth, so maybe it is a myth," he replied. "Maybe that’s how it is. He’s played in enough teams over the years, and been successful, to play in a variety of ways and kept scoring goals for every team he’s played for, so I’m sure he’ll continue to score goals. I’ve got no doubt about that."

The Portugal international will be in contention to play against the Gunners in a game being shown live on Amazon Prime Video. Fans in the UK can take up a free trial offer to watch the game.