'Looking mint' - it's a Manchester thing

Wednesday 10 March 2021 06:00

It's time for something 'properly mint' from United Direct.

Let’s start with a little vocab lesson for you, but not the kind you had in school. If you’ve ever visited Old Trafford, you might have heard people describing something as ‘mint’. It’s not likely to have been the weather they were talking about, but you’ve probably heard it when something was basically really cool. Now the lesson is over, you get a gold star and this will make way more sense.

The new range, in partnership with adidas, brings a totally new colour palette to the Reds, ranging from track pants with a subtle mint accent to t-shirts and polos in fresh shades. If you’re a massive Red but find yourself veering towards the opposite side of the colour wheel, this is the range for you.

Have you heard the saying ‘Manchester rain tastes like Champagne’? Manchester has a bit of a bad rep for the drizzly stuff that locals have a sort of deep affection for (maybe very deep down, you might have to dig around to find it). If you want to feel proper mint, even when the weather isn’t, give yourself something to look forward to when the heavens open with this mint accented windbreaker. Get yours now at United Direct and style your way through spring/summer.

If you fancy something to help you channel your inner David De Gea in goalkeeper green, look no further. This fresh mint tee will let you show your true colours wherever you go this summer, whether it’s somewhere far away or just swanning around the town - when swanning around is allowed again! Get it now at United Direct and get ready for summer swanning.

Ok, maybe you’re more of a polo kind of person, and hey, we respect that. Sometimes you just want to throw on a slick pastel polo and know you’re looking smart while wearing secret pyjamas. Bag yourself this timeless polo in a fresh hue to get you through the ‘great summer of seeing people again’. Order now, wear it pretty much all the time from then on.

Let’s not forget a classic. Joggers are some of the most underrated clothing, but chuck them on with a t-shirt and you’re good to go, or throw them on with a hoodie and you’re all kitted out for a run/home workout/marathon* (your choice probably says a lot about how your lockdown is going). With the classic red crest and branding, the green detailing brings these joggers to life and gives them a twist that’ll have your friends green with envy (sorry). Get them now and get your comfy on.
* box set marathons still count.

Check out the entire new range on United Direct and pick your favourites. Bonus points if you tag us on instagram @weareunited with your fresh new threads for a chance to be featured on our channels.